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Shot and Editing Techniques in Inception (2010) Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


Choose a scene from ONE of the films that we have screened so far this semester:
Every film varies, but you might want to keep this scene to below 5 minutes or so.
1. First, you will have to list each shot-each segment of continuous filming between cuts (this list should not be included in the paper). Then—consider the following questions in analyzing the editing sequence of this scene:

• How many shots are there?
• What is their average duration? Is the duration of the shot fairly consistent or is there variety in the length of the take?
• What transitions are used between shots (cuts, dissolves, fade-outs, etc.)? Be specific—don’t say “it’s a regular cut.”
• How are space and time organized? How do we know where we are and how time is elapsing?
• Is there coherence and continuity?
• What are the consequences of these editing choices in how meaning is made in this film?

Then, write no more than one page discussing each element of editing (above) separately and then consider how the editing choices overall make meaning in this scene.

Secondly, write about one more page discussing how the editing supports one element of mis-en-scène* AND one element of cinematography* to create the overall meaning. Does the use of editing “fit” with the other elements of the scene? Be specific about which elements of mis-en-scène and cinematography you are discussing. DISCUSS ONE—AND ONLY ONE—ELEMENT FROM BOTH MIS-EN-SCÉNE AND CINEMATOGRAPHY—TWO ELEMENTS IN TOTAL! I’m looking for a discussion that wraps up how editing, mis-en-scène, and cinematography all work together in this scene.
*Mis-en-scène: props, costume, set, light, placement of characters
*Cinematography: camera distance, height, angle and level, movement, and focus
The Netflix details to assess the film are in comments for assigned Writer (you can choose any movie, for example, "Inception")


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Shot and Editing Techniques in Inception (2010)
The spinning hallway fight is one of the best scenes of the movie. This scene, which lasts 2 minutes and 41 seconds, shows Arthur fighting projections of people in a hallway. It depicts a clear defiance of gravity, which is a major theme in the film. In total, there are 52 shots, with the camera switching between the characters with the intensity of the action.
Average Duration of each Shot
The average duration of each short is 0:04 minutes, with the longest one being 0:19 minutes, when Arthur is inspecting the drugged and unconscious men in a room before the hallway fight begins. The average duration of each shot is fairly consistent because the editor captures all the critical elements of the scene.

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