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The Evolution Of Artwork Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)




The Evolution of Artwork
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The Evolution of Artwork
Art refers to the development and discovery of the fundamental principles of nature making them be suitable for use by human beings. Contemporary art is the work done in the present day where the ideas and concerns are solely aesthetic. This kind of art encompasses the development of the postmodern concepts into an art form. The Modern art includes the historical skills, culture and knowledge. This essay will describe the connection between Surrealism movement, Cold War, Dadaism and World war II arts developed during the modern and contemporary era. There are people who argue that there are no similarities between modern and contemporary arts, but the following features show the contrary of this.[Dantini, M. (2008). Modern & Contemporary Art. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc..]
The contemporary art from the Cold War Movement was meant to be in continuation where the artwork is a reflection of the creation of lifetimes. It represents the art forms which were made from the 1970’s. The reflect and describe the issues which are related to the desired subjects, and they are then pictured into a modern art form. The issues in the contemporary artwork are related to the society. There exist institutions, galleries and societies where contemporary art are practiced. Such art forms incorporate the ongoing conceptual issues which affect the society, and they influence an individual or person. The modern artists portray the contemporary issues that are arising every day and new ideas through their minds, and they transform them into an innovative form. Such matters include multiculturalism, feminism, bio-engineering, AIDS awareness and globalisation. The Modern art represents the kind of art which is part of the culture, knowledge and skills of a generation or group of people. These people or group belong to the Modern or historical times. The art forms of this era comprise of artwork done through the hands such as painting, sculpture and printmaking.[Eburne, J. P. (2008). Surrealism and the Art of Crime. Cornell University Press.]

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