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Traditional Chinese Paintings (Essay Sample)


This talks about the evolution of Chinese paintings and the different designs


The Traditional Chinese paintings
The Traditional Chinese paintings
Traditional can be defined as an existing long- established project, whereas painting is the art of using paint for making decorations. Accordingly, majority of cases in the world of aesthetic arts is where artists produce artworks based on varying phenomena. Although their there are numerous contemporary art works, the Chinese painting is among the oldest uninterrupted creative civilization in the globe. In the contemporary Chinese culture, the art of painting is referred to as guó huà, which means ‘indigenous work of art’. Consequently, the aim of most ancient and modern Chinese artillery aims at capturing the interior real meaning, as well as, the external appearance of a theme. On the other hand, in capturing the inner essence and the aspired life force, the majority of the famous Chinese artists regarded the use of various techniques. Different colors and techniques and media were employed including handscrolls and walls, as the artist wished to achieve the desired outcomes. This proposal is about the traditional Chinese paintings and their significance in the traditional Chinese arts.[Michael, Sullivan. Art and Artists of Twentieth-century China (London: University of California), 57.]
The Chinese paintings are rated among the best paintings in the manner of expression, techniques and theories; it is taken with great caution that the paintings do not use oil. This paper therefore seeks to explain more about the traditional Chinese paintings and how they are done in the society. Furthermore, the Chinese paintings are among the oldest paintings in the world that date back to the Neolithic Period, eight thousand years ago. They are different from the Western paintings since they do not have any restrictions while performing the art. One of the most famous Chinese art works is the calligraphy, which was done on paper or silk and the final product mounted on a scroll for easy handling. The traditional paintings were also done on stones, walls, media and clothing.[Lian, Zhen. Chinese Watercolor Techniques for Exquisite Flowers (Cinccinati: North Light Books), 67.] [Caroline, Self. Chinese brush Painting: A Hands-On Introduction to the Traditional Art, (North Clarendon), 37.] [Caroline, Self. Chinese brush Painting: A Hands-On Introduction to the Traditional Art, (North Clarendon), 17.]
Another famous Chinese painting was the colored pottery of animals such as the fish, animals and other extracts enhanced their appearance by painting. Truly, in China, painting was no longer concerning the narration of the observable world; it was a means of transmitting on the central landscape of the artist's compassion and mentality. This includes such messages concerning social, political or even philosophical ideologies.[Kraus, Richard C. Brushes with Power: Modern Politics and the Chinese Art of Calligraphy (Oxford: University of California Press, Ltd), 91.]
During the dynasty of Tang, there existed flourishing paintings at the royal court...
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