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An Essay About Clinical Interview Diagnoses, Analyzing Videos (Essay Sample)


AN ESSAY ABOUT Clinical Interview Diagnoses, ANALYZING VIDEOS


Clinical Interview Diagnoses
Course Instructor
Clinical Interview Diagnoses
Video 1
In this case, the patient Katie has the primary psychiatric disorder that makes it difficult for her to adjust to new environment. The patient is faced with hopelessness, loss of weight and lack of sleep. These symptoms under DSM-5 are allocated under code ICD-9. It is clear that she has a problem, which escalated to the point where she thought the only solution was taking her life. The fact that she did not get over her condition even with the presence of her new boyfriend, this shows that her psychiatric problem needs to be solved by a professional psychiatrist who will help her through this phase.
Video 2
In this case, Billy seems to be having a personality disorder. He is completely a different person while at his home and while is t wok. It is attributable to his wife who is too demanding and does not take into account the hard job that Billy has to go through daily in his line of work. These symptoms under the DSM-5 are allocated under ICD-10. Apart from having a stressful wife, Billy is not an alcoholic, but his wife is pushing him so hard that he chooses to be at the bar or at home drinking to avoid his nagging and stressing wife. As a result, his personal issues are starting to affect his work and slowly making...
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