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Ecological Remediation with Plants (Essay Sample)


I have is a 10 page botany research paper
It's a 10-page paper and following the rubric below, for a very tough marking professor. Not sure if you can get all 10 pages done in time and at a high quality, but even getting some sections of a major paper completed would be a big help
 Topic/thesis/theme clearly stated
 Is well researched and includes all relevant ideas and considerations
 Appropriate sources accurately cited
 Thread of argument builds throughout paper
 Arrangement of points and evidence is effective
 No rambling or repetition
 Points are given weighting relative to their importance to the thesis or theme
 Headings and sub-headings are logically and effectively used
 Provides a clear theoretical and conceptual framework
 Demonstrates understanding of concepts of sustainability
 Understandable to an interdisciplinary audience
 Argument convincing and well supported
 Good, convincing support for all ideas
 Reasoning is explained clearly and includes specific references
 Awareness of other interpretations and comparison with yours
 Realistic vision of the future
 Illustrates the unique voice of the author
 Offers insight about a significant issue
 Shows risk in thought
 Writing is clear, concise, and easily followed
 Correct sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation
 References properly and consistently cited and recorded using APA or CSE style


Ecological Remediation with Plants
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Ecological remediation of land with plants is an essential phenomenon in the conservation of land in areas threatened by degradation due to natural occurrences or human interference. The piedmont in North Carolina is among the most sensitive areas that require urgent measures that can aid in the restoration of land to meet human needs. Notably, there has been a tremendous increase in the population of people leaving within NC as observed in figure 1, leading to a progressive increase in the use of land to keep up with the needs of the rising numbers of occupants in the region. Figure 2 shows an increase in the utilization of land for developmental purposes, depicting a high degree of urbanization. In this sense, failure to propose relevant strategies and principles to help in the remediation process, it is possible the NC Piedmont will be affected by global warming resulting in drastic consequences to both human and animal shelters. Remediation of the Piedmont land in NC is an essential process that would help in protecting the natural beauty, habitat, and source of agriculture to improve the livelihood of people within the community.
Land Degradation and its Impact
The increasing rate of urbanization in the piedmont region within NC has led to the deforestation of thousands of trees to create land for human settlement. Consequently, such activity has led to the deprivation of oxygen in the atmosphere considering that plants play a key role in the elimination of excess CO2 in the air through the process of photosynthesis. The reduction of CO2 in the air helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that would eventually result in global warming if not addressed. With the increased accumulation of this gas in the atmosphere as illustrated in Figures 3 and 4, there is no doubt that global warming will have far-reaching consequences on land as well as on human health. Some of these negative impacts include low agricultural productivity leading to food insecurity, intolerable weather, and poor health due to changes in infectious disease. Another significant impact would be an increase in sea level resulting in floods, which would lead to increased mortality and a higher probability of contracting diseases. For instance, the majority of infections would occur through microorganisms such as salmonella and cholera, which often thrive well in relatively warmer conditions, thus leading to an epidemic. This implies that by preventing the degradation of land, there is a high probability of reducing the negative impact of global warming, thus aiding in eliminating the risks of future health problems.

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