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The Importance of Organ Donations (Essay Sample)


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Number of sources: 2
Paper instructions:
Answer these 2 questions.
1. “Discuss the importance of organ donations.”
2. “Describe the ethical considerations that should be addressed before conducting research on human subjects.”
-200 words each question
-Provide one reference for each questions.


Short Answer Questions
Short Answer Questions
The Importance of Organ Donations
Organ donations are essential in saving patients' lives affected by terminal organ failures and advancing the quality of life. For instance, a heart donation helps individuals struggling with life-threatening heart failure (Grinyó, 2013). It may encompass valve dysfunction and congenital disabilities. The heart donation can enable the recipient to enjoy considerable advancement to their quality of life. Besides, kidney donation may create a difference in a patient's experience with kidney stones or failure. It will also enable the recipient may enjoy a happier, healthier life with a functioning kidney instead of spending many hours in dialysis.

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