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Research Assignment About Mendelian Genetics (Essay Sample)


The essay about mendelian genetics

Mendelian Genetics
In Mendelian genetics the organisms have got diploid number of gametes (2n) and they depict the characteristic of a species. Consequently, during the formation of gametes this number is halved to( n). In this scenario, when two gametes combines during fertilization the diploid number is reestablished. During meiosis, the number of chromosomes is not reduced in a random manner. According to Mendel’s postulates, the diploid number of chromosomes is composed of homologous pairs that are alike in their behavior and morphological appearance. Moreover, the gametes contain one member of each pair thus in Mendelian genetics a chromosome constitute a gamete that is specific. Furthermore, the number of chromosomes in each gamete is equal to haploid number (n).
In the first meiotic prophase, homologous chromosomes are in pairs and genes are part of chromosomes. During the first meiotic anaphase, each pair of homologs separates and segregates. Following the meiotic events, there is an independent assortment of the unit factors i.e. the non homologous chromosomes assort independently and all possible gametes are formed equal probability.
The independent assortment that takes place during meiosis changed Mendel’s expected results because it led to a varied genetic variation. This is because the independent assortment let to the production of individuals with dissimilar gametes. There was genetic variation because members of any homologous pair are rarely genetically identical. In this scenario, Mendel recorded a varied number of traits of monohybrid crosses of the garden pea (Pisum sativum) in the next generation. One of the m...
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