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Microbiology Assignment: What Does The Term IMViC Mean? (Essay Sample)


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What does the term IMViC mean?
This term is used during the identification and clear distinction of the Enterobacteriaceae and other related tube experiment. This experiment is very wide as it consists of other tests that are related to it. In this case, each letter represents a single experiment. I represent the Indole test, M stands for the Methyl Red Test, and V is representing a very complicated experiment known as voges proskauer. The letter remaining stands for the citrate test (Reynolds, 2016).
 Why is the IMViC useful in identifying Enterobacteriaceae? Are further biochemical tests necessaryfor complete identification?
This particular test is of great significance especially in cases where we are required to identify Enterobacteriaceae. This process can be however be made to be very effective when incorporated with the urease. The four tests listed above are very important and are used to trace the negative gram bacteria of the Enterobacteriaceae. Oxidase and ONPG tests are also conducted in order to improve the accuracy of the results obtained from the experiment (2013).
 What diagnostic test differentiates Proteus and Providencia species from other Enterobacteriaceae?
The Urease test is the most efficient test to apply in this case. This test is mainly used to identify those organisms that can break down urea. Urea when broken down will lead to formation of two substances namely carbon (IV) oxide and Ammonia. The Proteus that are urea positive in nature can be easily separated from others (Microbiologist, 2013).
 How is E. coli distinguished from P. vulgaris on MacConkey agar On a TSI slant?
E. coil is mainly used in manufacturing of acids. E. coil is able to do this through fermentation of lactose that is located inside the material. This brings the main difference with the P. vulgaris since it can’t do this. When a TSI slant is used, we check their ability to form H2S. P. vulgaris is able to form H2S while E. coil is not able to form H2S. That is the difference that is noted when TSI slant...
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