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Principal of Federal Acquisition Management & Contracting Discussion (Essay Sample)


Discussing best practices, challenges and controls in government contract administration. 2 sources.


Principal Federal Acquisition Management and Contracting Discussion
Principal of Federal Acquisition Management & Contracting Discussion 8
The process of contracting is full of challenges. One of the challenges includes conflicts of interest in the solicitation, evaluation and awarding on contracts. Another challenge arises when there are changes or disputes in the contract. The problem of autonomy is also critical for a government administrator. Selecting the right contractor for the job or task at hand also constitutes a challenge to the contracting officer. However, these challenges can be mitigated. Concerning conflict of interests, it is important for a government administrator to exercise a level of autonomy (Hearn, 2011). Moreover, a government administrator can balance between personalities and the corporate objectives. An evaluation of the potential contractors’ past performance will be helpful in determining the most efficient contractor (Holmes, 2012).
A number of payments options are available for contractors. However, the best payment method for my project would be the umbrella company type. There are several reasons for this choice. First, it is a PAYE-based service and therefore, all tax deductions are made at source. There are no unexpected tax liabilities for a contractor to worry about. In addition, registration is simple and immediate, unlike other payment methods. Moreover, I will be able to claim tax relief on any expense I incur; thus, increasing my net income.
Contract Changes and Quality Assurance
The following is a list of best practices for a government contractor to manage contract changes:
1 Post award orientation to ensure that the requirements of the contract are fully understood.
2 Discussing an alternative dispute resolution with contractors to avoid future contract problems (Hearn, 2011).
3 Ensuring customer satisfaction by conducting surveys that result into direct input from customers.
There are several major concerns regarding the quality assur...
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