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Advertising: An Analysis to the Wastage of Resources (Essay Sample)

This paper analyzes on how advertising is more of a waste for companies. The notion behind is that it is unethical at some point given that brands lies about their products to market them efficiently. With that, users are often dismayed on the things they receive so the researcher concluded that ads are useless. source..
Advertising: An Analysis to the Wastage of Resources Name Professor Date Advertising: An Analysis to the Wastage of Resources Advertising is regarded as a marketing tool that involves advocating for the products, services, opinions or for any causes to be made known to the public through various means (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2018). In some cases, it uses monetary compensation in exchange for a space to promote the products that a business is selling (Shopify, 2022). Most argued that advertising is a waste of money. Wherein, they spend a hefty amount of funding but they failed to actually translate that to sales. Moreover, in most cases, these ads are typically unethical in the sense that they would always make their brand superior than competitors even though it is all part of a lie. In addition, they can even go on to an extra road by telling some things about their product such as it is made of high quality materials to which it is the contrary. Creating Advertisement is overrated and too hyped to the point that all brands are fighting with each other. They want to be the best in the industry so they often find loopholes towards the others and they would use it to combat the risk of losing in the competition. However, what can these brands do? If they would not promote their goods who would buy them? So, no matter how expensive it gets, they would utilize it just to increase brand awareness. Advertisement is not bad at all if only companies are truthful to what they ...
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