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Building Business Excellence in Hungary (Essay Sample)


Present arguments coherently, supported by evidence and facts to substantiate on importance of taking a particular stance and/ or position towards a particular approach whether against or in support of Building Business Excellence in Hungary.


Building Business Excellence in Hungary
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Building Business Excellence in Hungary
Hungary is one of the European countries which surprised the world by recording economic growth during the recession period that affected most countries on the planet. This success was mainly realized through the four following companies: Burton-Apta, Herend Porcelain Manufactory, Pick Meat Company and Westel Mobile Telecommunications Company. The companies were able to achieve outstanding results by completely changing their strategies from authoritative to participatory decision making. The companies emphasized on environmental protections in addition to their set targets.
The companies employed quality management techniques to aid in their growth and realization of their targets. The management technique used involved introducing international standards, thus improving the companies’ quality standards, confidence, performance and competence (Russ et al., 2008). Below is a brief review of each company’s method used.
Burton-Apta improved its processes and operational quality by striking a balance between technological advancement and quality control. Barton- Apta also adopted the total quality management developed by Professor Shiba for the Hungarian government. Herend was able to achieve growth due to its longtime of operation since 1826 and its implementation of integrated quality management. Pick Meat Co. applied quality standards, equipment and techniques to realize its success. Westel has prioritized on customer satisfaction and continuous self-assessment (Draghici, 2007).
The key lessons which are learned from the operations of the four Hungarian companies that are very vital in the success and growth of a business are as follows:
The business should have a proper management system and implement it fully. All employees should participate in the decision making.
The operational quality and processes should be up to date. This reduces unnecessary losses and ensures products are manufactured in large quantities and good quality.
The company should prioritize on employee and customer satisfaction. This is important to reduce the conflicts within the company and ensure that customers like and buy the products in large quantities.
The company should include environmental protection in its goals. This is to ensure that its products wastes are environmentally sound and do not attract customer resentment.
Critical analysis of the measures taken by the companies indicates that it is mandatory for a company to implement good business practice in its operations in order to grow. Burton-Apta has been struggling to change its operations from the 70s, but they succeed in 1986 when total quality management (TQM) was introduced by professor Shiba in Hungary. The company started making huge profits and growing economically.
Herends has had quality issues for 176 years, and since preliminary audit based on SWOT analysis was not adequate, the company introduced a quality management system based on ISO 9001:1987 in 1993. They further implemented TQM; as a result, they achieved their objective of providing proper quality. Pick Meat Co. prioritized on customer satisfaction and environmental protection in order to deliver quality services. They adopted good hygiene and manufacturing practices (GHP and GMP). Therefore, all the above companies have won awards of excellence because of their good business practices (Moln...
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