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Business Culture and Business Process (Essay Sample)


The task required the student to write an essay on the topics of "Business Culture and Business Processes." The essay starts by defining business culture as a set of shared beliefs and values that govern an organization and its impact on employee interactions, customer relations, and overall brand image. It explains that business processes, on the other hand, refer to specific activities, tasks, and procedures employed by a business to achieve its objectives, including manufacturing, resource management, and customer service.
The essay then highlights the differences between business culture and business processes. It points out that business culture is intangible and abstract, while business processes are specific and concrete. It emphasizes that culture is influenced by an organization's history, ownership, and objectives, while processes are designed to be measurable and repeatable. The essay recognizes that both culture and processes may change as an organization grows and evolves.
Furthermore, the essay emphasizes the importance of both business culture and processes in the success of an organization. It highlights that a positive culture fosters employee retention, collaboration, and the attraction of skilled workers. Business processes, on the other hand, help an organization achieve its goals efficiently and effectively.
The essay also touches on the social impact of business culture and processes. It states that they establish clear communication channels, promote collaboration, create a sense of shared values, and allow employees to contribute to decision-making and ownership of their work. Moreover, the essay highlights that good business culture and processes improve diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration within the organization.
Overall, the essay effectively addresses the topics of business culture and processes, providing a clear understanding of their differences and their significant impact on an organization's success and social environment. It cites relevant references to support the content presented in the essay.


Business Culture and Business Processes
Student Name
Business Culture and Business Processes.
Business culture loosely translates to a set of shared belief and values that govern an organization or any other business entity. Business culture has an impact on how employees within the organization interact with each other, how they interact with customers and how they conduct themselves. Business culture extends to the level of formality or informality within the organization, how employees dress and the overall mood of the organization. Business culture determines a company’s reputation as well as the brand image (Schein, 2010. Business processes on the other hand refer to the specific activities, tasks and procedures employed by a business towards achievement of its objectives. Business processes include all procedures pertaining to how a business operates including manufacturing or processing steps, management of resources and provision of customer service. Business processes are designed to be efficiency, time saving and repeatable and they incorporate the use of technology and other automated aspects.
Business culture and business processes differ in several ways. First, business culture refers to intangible and abstract aspects of a business while business processes are specific and concrete. Culture relates to norms ad values while processes refer to guidelines on how activities are carries out within the organization. Business culture is highly dependent on the history of 

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