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The Five Guys Company (Essay Sample)


Provide a brief sketch of the Five Guys what owns the brand; Briefly describe the brand Five Guys—its history, sales or growth, key features or benefits, images or perceptions, positioning, and other relevant information.


The Five Guys Company
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The Five Guys Company
Five Guys burgers is a food restaurant based in the United States that has been renowned for producing the best burgers and fries. The chain of restaurants started from an idea by Janie and Jerry Murrell who offered the four Murrell brothers of starting a business or going to college in 1986. The brothers decided to open a business where they opened their first joint in Arlington, Virginia (Burke, 2012). Jerry and Janie guided them on serving hand- formed burgers that they cooked on a grill with fresh- cut fries cooked using peanut oil only. Within a short time, their burgers were voted the best in the area, and this attracted the attention of the press. Demand for the burgers and fries grew, and this prompted them to open four other restaurants between 1990 and 1990. In 2002, they established franchises in the whole of Virginia and Maryland and later opened franchise rights to other parts of the country. Currently, the Five Guys have expanded to more than 1000 locations in 6 Canadian provinces and 47 states (Burke, 2012).
The company’s growth can be explained by their unique style of preparing their burgers. First, the company only uses fresh ground beef for the preparation of the burgers. This gives the burgers a fresh taste when ready. In addition, no locations of Five Guys h...
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