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Conflict Resolution Strategies (Essay Sample)

The task was to discuss the strategies used to resolve conflicts. This sample is about how that is acheived. source..
Conflict Resolution Strategies Name: Course Name: Instructor’s Name: Date of Submission: Introduction In the current world of business, conflicts can damage the reputation of an organization in a very short time, hence there is a need for immediate attention. When it comes a time when employees in an organization do not interact with each other, or even cooperate with each other. It is cooperatively as you would like, engage in some conflict resolution to remedy this problem. Even though conflict resolution strategies is one of the most valuable skills each employee needs to have in the current world. It has been very hard for people to manage conflict. People have been having a behavior of shying away from it time and again. Conflict is fundamentally uncomfortable for almost everybody, in both professional as well as personal contexts, but having the knowledge on how to handle conflicts effectively in a healthy, productive way is essential particularly at work. Conflict avoidance is normally evident in people in leadership position. It is always to the best of the team’s interest or even personal interest to manage conflict when it arises in an effective, productive manner. The lessons of knowing how to handle conflicts is one of the main key role of a leader. On the other hand, conflict resolution strategy is a skill gained over the years of experience as well as practice. There are the main strategies for conflict resolution, these includes; * Pause, breath and decide on the next steps A conflict resolution can be done through this few steps, when one is communicating with a client conflict-driven discussion can just take place either through a meeting or over the telephone and need to first pause, breathe and come up with the right decision on how to handle the matter. Am I taking things personally? Is it mainly reactive? And lastly, what outcome will it bring about? When one breaths out it is scientifically proven that it is one of the ways to relieve stress and offers a more focused results on the issue at hand. According to a research done by one of the Universities in the USA, it indicates that when one is in the middle of a stressful conflict or heated argument one needs to take a deep breath. This will give you time to think about the reaction you will give. If we all can adapt this skill of dealing with conflict it will really safe us from trouble. When one pauses for a while and the later breaths, rather than react, we can really avoid trouble. For example the conflict on the ground about who stole the other`s belonging and brings things to a yelping halt but the communication or team must go on, team members needs to acknowledge that there is something that has gone wrong and it later needs to be addressed, and be directed to the next matter at hand. When you keep on pressing issues in a group setting it end up into a more conflicting situation and put up people at odds. In any situation this tactic will effectively work. * Address the issue privately When people are conversing and a conflict erupts, either from a face to face communication, call or meeting, the parties involved needs to realize the act of managing that conflict in a private area. In some cases a conflict can erupt in a public place, it is always important to simply say that the conflict will be addressed privately and try to make people continue with their normal duties. When an issue is addressed privately the parties involved are allowed to give their opinion and express their feelings as well as intentions in a safer environment, and prevents bystanders from eavesdropping, For example in a situation whereby an individual walks into a mall and accidentally breaks a glass. Both the person and the owner need to avoid creating a scene, and decide to talk in private where they can agree on the way forward. Since if they create drama people will flock there can create a scene that won’t let them make the right decision. * Analyzing the best medium that will deal with the issue. In this situation in the same way of addressing the issue in private is vital we need to look at the medium that will be the best to be used to deal with the conflict. When it comes to video call chat or even in-person communication it easier to resolve the problem since our body language is easily seen and difficult emotions can be easier expressed. For example if the conflict arises in the job environment, particularly in matters related to work or outside of the office over a walk, coffee, or lunch is also significant. Irrespective of those mediums, it’s important to make sure it’s the appropriate one for the people and issue involved. In other situation some individuals prefer email and chats. This provide someone a chance to think out –edit or delete statements. When one is dealing with a customer, * Create an opening for communication so that everyone can have their say. When one is addressing a conflict with a customer, there are measures to put in place once the medium to be used have been decided. At this juncture, each party will be given a chance to air his/her view on the conflict. * Use active listening techniques when addressing the conflict. A customer needs to be listened to. Active listening is one of the key skills in communication. Being a good listener may assist one in everyday team work, but moreover a better conflict resolution technique. By giving back feedbacks as one is still listening applies small encouragement to indicate that you are paying attention to the customer`s need. By pausing in middle of the statement is a powerful approach to let the customer realize that you`re listening the engaged. * Understand when it’s out of your hands. It is always good to understand to route course of the problem. Irrespective of conflict resolution prowess and our efforts, there are other situatio...
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