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Consumer Behavior (Essay Sample)


Topic: Consumer Behavior The sample is about Consumer Behavior


Consumer Behavior
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Given the number of new food and drink products introduced occasionally in the market, it is understandable that many manufacturers feel daunted by the task set them. They are divided on the strategies that they would undertake in order to make their products stand out from the crowd—especially among that most demanding and volatile audience of children. It is difficult to determine the tastes and needs of the children population. According to Gunter et al. (2005), when the information is communicated to the children through adverts, packages, promotions, and public relations, it is not always fruitful. However, that is not the case in the contemporary world as there are certain motivations that will always strike a chord in children. When these strategies are implemented in an appropriate manner, provided that the role of the product in the child’s life is defined, then the commercial will be a success. Like food and drinks of children, teddy bears also need marketing for them to be appreciated by children. One of the brands of teddy bear that are transacted by Tiger Tribe is the Rosie rag doll (illustrated below). In this analysis, marketing activities adopted by Tiger Tribe Company when transacting in this product is undertaken.

Tiger Tribe Company has advertised its product to the esteemed customers, but not directly to the 3 or 5 years old children. The parents of the children are provided with information regarding the availability and accessibility of the Rosie rag doll. Print advertisement has been the common strategy, in which billboards have been erected to serve this purpose. Unlike other billboards, as the target is on children, the sizes of the billboards are large to trigger the attention of the children. The marketing team understands that children’s concentration is quite low, and without imminent strategies to increase the efficacy, then success will not be realized (Pecora, 2007). As illustrated above, the Rosie rag doll has bright colors that look very attractive. Young children are often attracted by brightly colored images, and when the print advertisement is brightly colored, there are high chances that children would be attracted to the product offered. In the modern economy, print advertisement that is imminent in billboards has been modernized to include the technological aspect, and Tiger Tribe is not exempted. Children love to see how the doll is used, and the billboards demonstrate the activities that children undertake when they are using the product. Showing fun and enjoyment when using the commodity is quite appealing to children.
Most of the families tend to restrict their children from watching TV programs, and it depends on the company’s timing of the program. The company has adopted to air their commercial in the course of news anchorage as it is believed that majority of individuals are at their homes during that time. TV advertisement has been the main strategy to reach a vast range of people, whom they could not have been reached using the print advertisement method. In this form of advertisement, children have access to different ways and steps for using the product. It is advantageous as there is a room to convince the parents to purchase the product for their children. The doll is gorgeous; illustrating its ideal nature and requirement for a girl-child. The material that has been used to manufacture the doll is soft and environmental friendly, and this will enable the child to play with the doll for several hours without the material affecting her. All this information can be relayed by television advertisement. Children do not have the critical knowledge of assessing the product that is in the market, but when they are provided with all the information they require, it is a boost to the selection criteria of the child. According to Kapoor (2003), the decision making process of a child is often guided—this can either be through parents, friends, or media. Therefore, having a television advertisement has boosted the sales revenue of the brand.
With modernity in place, parents and guardians spend most of their time on the internet and online operations. Children ...
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