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Consumer Behavior and Marketing Psychology (Essay Sample)


this individual assessment demonstrate student's understanding and ability to explain consumer behaviour determinants by analysing the role of perception, attitude, motivation, group and individual differences, culture, and family in consumer behaviour. The essay also also demonstrate the research and report contemporary consumer behaviour, such as attitudes, group influences, culture, social class, consumer learning processes, and personal buying decision-making.


Consumer Behavior and Marketing Psychology
Student’s Name
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Summary of the survey
In this survey total of 19 participants responded to the questionnaire. 52.63% male, 31.58% females and 15.79% identified as non-binary/third gender. Most of the buyer's age ranges between 26-41 (31.58%) and 16 people (84.62%) earn through employment or business. Mostly income falls between $45,001 - $120,000, Similarly, 36.84% of people's combined yearly household income was between $100,001 - $150,000. A large group (84.62%) from the data set was a married/de facto couple while the rest are single/divorced/lone surviving spouses.10 (52.63%) people claim to paid an attention to all the stimuli while the other 9 (47.37%) only pay attention to some stimuli. Half of the population (52.63%) claimed to conduct in-depth research before buying the product, rest relied on social media sites and comparative analysis of other products. Almost Half (47.37%) of the people bought the smartphone to be in their preferred social group. As 8 people responded to re-affirm themselves in others' eyes, and build a strong self-image, and uncompromised self-image. As (36.84%) bought the product to feel happy, (47.37%) people responded that their immediate family members influenced buying the new product. Moreover, the consumers strongly agreed (48.65%) most of the time while responding that cultural elements were the reason, they bought our product. While 31.99% were neutral and 19.35% disagreed. Only 36.84% of respondents agreed that the product/service fulfils their basic needs, while 47.37% were neutral and 15.79% disagreed. Almost half of the respondents (47.37%) agreed that the product/service gives them a sense of security or safety. A large majority of respondents (63.16%) agreed that the product/service gives them a sense of belongingness, while 21.05% were neutral and 15.79% disagreed. The highest percentage of respondents (57.89%) agreed that the product/service makes them feel more beautiful or handsome, while 26.32% were neutral and 15.79% disagreed. High number of respondents (57.89%) endorse that product helped them in cognitive pursuit while (42.11%) felt complete after acquiring the 

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