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Corporate Training and Employees’ Satisfaction (Essay Sample)


Corporate Training and Employees’ Satisfaction


Corporate Training and Employees’ Satisfaction
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Corporate Training and Employees’ Satisfaction
Corporate training is considered as a solution to poor-performing organizations through maintaining their image and competitive advantage. Through corporate training, the organization enlightens its employees on what the company entails and helps them understand its operations and goals (Madhani, 2021). It is adequate in ensuring that the employees within the organization understand the objectives and work towards achieving the organization's goals and vision. Corporate training is important to an organization because it creates an opportunity to mend weaknesses within the organization and improve performance (Maqbool & Zameer, 2018). Corporate training is vital because it improves employee satisfaction by motivating them and building their self-confidence through advancing their working skills.
When the employees are trained, they become competitive through their skills concerning the organization's activities. Employee satisfaction is achieved through the learning experience, which enhances performance and achieving the organization's goals and vision. Corporate training contributes to employee satisfaction through motivating positive attitudes within the work environment (Maqbool & Zameer, 2018). When the employees have a positive attitude towards their duties within the organization, they work towards achieving its goals. Corporate training combines organizations' beliefs, feelings, and behavior to create positive attitudes in the employees and guide them towards achieving the organization's goals. Employee satisfaction determines how the employees feel about their duties within the organization. It determines whether they like or dislike activities within the organization (Madhani, 2021). The relationship between corporate training and employee satis

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