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Developing a Business and Incorporating Management Principles (Essay Sample)


Using a fictitious business, you will demonstrate how to develop a business and incorporate management principles. Simply put, you will develop a business and show how you would run it. It should include a management structure and employee structure. These principles include: a mission statement, vision statement, company organization, planning (strategic or otherwise), coordinating and controlling. You should have at least one page for a graph or other visual work that paints a picture of your business, it can be your management tier from top to bottom or you could post something on your project earnings or costs if you want.
The business should consist of at least 8 employees of varying positions but can contain more. This project is designed to allow you to demonstrate management principles within a business.
· Write a paper, minimum 1200 words (longer is fine), not counting your title page or reference page, on developing and running a business.
· Include a title, name, instructor name, date, course number, etc.
· Include a running header, page numbers, introduction, body and conclusion.
· Include at least three references.
· This paper should be A.P.A format.
· Please double space sentences.
· This paper will automatically be submitted to Turnitin


Individual Project Develop A Fictitious Business
Student’s Name
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Individual Project Develop A Fictitious Business
The leading business for analysis is Healthy Bites. Those who are concerned about their health and wish to eat appropriately may use the service Healthy Bites to have meals delivered. Sales and marketing, operations, finance, and human resources are the four divisions that make up our company. The firm's success depends on each department, and we are pleased that each has a capable team of workers. The task of informing prospective clients about our services falls within the purview of the sales and marketing division. This division assists us in expanding our consumer base and attracting additional clients. A Sales and Marketing Manager oversees the department for the team, and several Sales Representatives speak with prospective clients and generate leads. They collaborate closely with our operations team to ensure that we honor our commitments to customers. The creation, packaging, and delivery of meals fall within the purview of operations. This division guarantees that our clients get wholesome meals on schedule and in good condition.
Illustration One: Classification of Food and Beverages Company
The finance and human resources departments are equally crucial to the company's success. The company's finances are under the control of the Finance department, which also ensures its stability. In this division, Van Dam et al. (2021) show that there is a finance manager, a bookkeeper, and an accountant. According to illustration one, they all cooperate to maintain 

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