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Diversity Factors Plan (Essay Sample)


the instructions stated the explanation of all the diversity factors affecting the marketing strategy experienced in the market today. some of the common steps involved in the diversity inspection and how one ensures success without implementation of the available diversity plans.
listing the diversity factors that influence the steps needed to ensure success of various marketing strategies.


Diversity Factors Plan
Diversity Factors Plan
Diversity of an organization implies the degree of differences among employees based on attributes like gender, nationality, religion, education, sexuality, and race, among others. Such differences promote individuality within an organization where all people are respected, and their contributions valued regardless of their status. Diversity is a foundation of business success and building competitive brands. Coca-Cola is an American brand that has a presence in many parts of the world. The selected Coca-Cola market for this study is India to assess the company's weaknesses to its diversity on organizational, compliance, and marketing.
Coca-Cola India is the dominant player in the beverage industry. The company adapted to the internal organizational structure and practices to accommodate the new market by creating an autonomous brand in India (Coca Cola, 2012). Coca-Cola maintained its internal structures by recruiting a new team of leadership to run the brand in India. For example, the company created a new office of Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia headed by a CEO instead of sending internal managers from the head offices in the U.S. The current CEO and the President, Atul Singh, is a local. He has been running an Indian company that has been recording a robust growth rate associated with adapting production patterns to local consumers' needs. Coca-Cola India also employs about 25,000 locals rather than recruiting foreigners (Coca Cola, 2012). This hiring strategy promotes Coca Cola’s diversity program and helps in bringing economic opportunities to the local communities.
India's Labor Law Compliance Rules and the Factories Act, 1948 restrict expatriates' employment in manufacturing industries (Sigh, 2020). The only allowed exemptions are technical skills and specialized personnel. Therefore, unless foreign employees have technical skills such as engineering or special skills like management, they cannot qualify for a work visa in India. Even if Coca-Cola wanted to hire non-locals in India's branches, the company could only hire a few employees with technical and personnel skills. A recommendation for Coca-Cola to adapt to these regulations would be investing in employee training and career

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