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Impacts of Pandemic on Consumer Behavior (Essay Sample)


The TOPIc of the essay is , discuss the impacts of pandemics like covid 19 on consumer behavior. The essays looks into the impacts of the economic and lifestyle impacts the pandemics have had on consumer behavior.


Impacts of Pandemics on Consumer Behavior
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The pandemic outbreaks like Influenza and Covid-19 have affected the social and economic lifestyles of the people in the global setting. Due to the high risks of spreading, governments have come up with various restrictions that have resulted in a change in consumer behaviors and patterns. Restrictions like the cessation of movement have made individuals shop for essential goods that will enable them to quarantine as long as possible. Also, individuals have adopted the digital purchasing of goods while companies have adopted increasing deliveries to meet the consumer's demands (Verma and Naveen 2021). This essay looks into how global pandemics have impacted consumer behaviors.
The pandemics have forced the governments to develop social and economic restrictions to avoid further spreading of the viruses. As a result, the cessation of movement, among other restrictions, has forced citizens to plan for the lockdowns in advance, purchasing all the essential items they would require at home (Verma and Naveen 2021). The essential items include but are not limited to food, toiletries, medicine, face masks, and sanitizers. The above items purchased by the people portray their preferences since the lifestyle goods are not considered hence a change in the consumer's behavior.
Also, individuals have adopted purchasing items online and receiving them at the comfort of their location (Verma and Naveen 2021). Due to the strict social restrictions, businesses cannot host large numbers of customers; hence they have developed online platforms where customers can interact with the products and order them from the click of a button. These changes have allowed customers to keep up with their nee

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