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Insider Threat Problems and Solutions in the Organizational IT Systems (Essay Sample)


Final Project Milestone: Proposal
Select a topic from the list provided below or one of your choosing. Using scholarly resources, suggest a fictional company, and incorporate your research findings to justify a business case for the use of technology.
The paper is 2 pages not including the cover page, abstract, or reference pages. You must cite at least five independent scholarly sources to support your position, using appropriate APA format.
Suggested topics: (Students may suggest their own)
• Search engine optimization, use, and strategies
• Security issues, problems, and solutions in organizational IT systems
• Legal and technical problems and solutions in medical IT systems
• Security on the Internet: problems and solutions
• Facilitation of collaborative work using IT systems
• Using virtual reality in businesses
• Customer privacy issues
• Challenges and technology solutions using social media
• Data mining
• Information security
• Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): trends and challenges
• Customer Relation Management (CRM) system implementations
• Enterprise Resource Planning system implementations
• Human Resource Management system implementations
These are just general topic suggestions but focus and narrow your topic as much as possible. For example, ‘Internet security’ would not be an acceptable topic since it is much too broad and you could easily write 100 pages and not cover the topic effectively.
Scholarly sources can generally be identified by several features:
• Content (topic being discussed)
• Audience (for the layperson or someone familiar with the research on the subject?)
• Language (higher level language and discipline-specific terminology)
• Intent (case study, report of experimental results, )
• Authorship (qualifications of the author to write on the topic, usually an advanced degree with years of experience and research on the subject)
• Peer-reviewed (material is evaluated by experts and only published if it meets the discipline’s standards)
• References (other materials used in the research process are listed in a bibliography or footnotes)
• Listing (Check Ulrich’s in the Research Databases to see if the publication is listed as refereed.)


Insider Threat Problems and Solutions in the Organizational IT Systems
Anyone who is close to an organization like an employee, a contractor, a business partner, a board member, or any other business partner can perpetrate an insider threat either intentionally or unintentionally as long as they have access to the company’s data and computer systems (Safa et al., 2019). The fact that insiders have easy and legitimate access to the company’s data makes them extremely dangerous if they decide to harm the organization since they are familiar with security measures, unlike outsiders who try to hack into an organization’s critical data or systems. This paper provides an insider of the threat problems in IT organizations and recommends the possible solutions.
As stated above, insider threats can be intentional or unintentional. That means there are various types of insider threats which include negligent insider, malicious insider, collusive insider, and a third party insider.
* Negligent insider: The most common type of unintentional insider threat is caused by negligence. A negligent employee can fail to adhere to the company’s business rules and regulations, or just make an isolated error through poor judgment (Harilal et al, 2017). For example, they can share their login information with other people or click on phishing links in emails, accidentally share a client’s data with external parties, or leave a device exposed.
* Malicious insider: A malicious insider does data extrusion or other similar acts that can harm the organization for personal gain. Malicious insider threat can be an employee who has a problem with the employer or holding a grudge against him/her and decides to harm the business for that reason (Harilal et al, 2017). Or it can be an employee who is an opportunist, hence sharing the company’s critical data with a competitor for financial gain.
* Collusive insider: Collusive insiders usually collaborate with external players to harm the company (Harilal et al, 2017). Cases of cybercriminals recruiting employees as allies through the dark web have been on the rise lately, meaning it is becoming a common trend.
* Third party insider: Vendors or contractors whom the company has given access to its computer systems can also put a company at risk (Harilal et al, 2017). Third party insider can have an employee who can be collusive, malicious, or negligent which qualifies it as an insider threat.
Many businesses have collapsed as a result of insider threats, which is why a company should always take precautions to prevent such from happening. There are various ways an organization can prevent insider threats from bringing it to its knees (Liu et al, 2018). A company should limit employee’s access to only necessary resources needed to carry out their assigned duties. Before the company can allow employees (whether new or old) and contractors to access its network, it should offer training on security awareness and regularly do follow ups to ensure that everyone is adhering to the rules and regulations.
Third party players like contractors and freelancers can be a liability, but since their services are needed, the company can set up temporary accounts for them. Those temporary accounts should have an expiration date that is aligned with the day their contracts end, that way the company does not take any chances (Liu et al, 2018). The company should ensure that it enhances security by employing a two-factor authentication approach. Which means, in addition to th

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