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Internal and external stakeholders Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


2 pages (550 words) Double spaced
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Coursework Possible checklist Undergraduate (yrs. 1-2)
Business Studies
Internal and external stakeholders
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Consider the roles of internal and external stakeholders and consider one of the following projects:
A municipal airport is considering letting larger planes land at its facilities. This will bring added tourism but also more noise and pollution.
A paper factory is expanding its production at one plant. This will provide local high paying jobs but also create more traffic and potential pollution.
A school wants to consolidate classes to save on teachers’ wages. This will save local taxpayers money but may lead to classroom overcrowding.
Identify the possible internal and external stakeholders who could be partners for the project. Propose two committees, which would be part of a strategic management process, to address the opportunities and costs of the project.Articulate how you would integrate the external stakeholders into the strategic management process and how you would keep stakeholders informed. Based on your analysis, propose an optimal


Internal and External Stakeholders
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Internal and External Stakeholders
Selected Project:
A municipal airport is considering letting larger planes land at its facilities. This will bring added tourism but also more noise and pollution.
Stakeholders are everything to businesses because they finance and steer all the elements of operations. Stakeholder theory defines a stakeholder is anyone that can influence or get affected by the activities of a business venture (Pinheiro, 2015). They facilitate the success of projects and ensure a venture survives. Most stakeholders participate in decision-making, managing, and handling vast responsibilities that protect the businesses and their dependents (Ormazabal, 2018). All businesses must have internal and external stakeholders. Core stakeholders are those within the business, while peripheral stakeholders are those who exist outside and get affected by the actions of the business/project.
In the case of the selected project, the core stakeholders are the people directly involved in the operations of the municipal airport. Given the dynamic nature of this project, all stakeholders from the airport are internal. The category also includes the small businesses that render different services at the airport. Therefore, the internal stakeholders include the investors, the employees, the management board, service providers, both federal and local governments, ground transportation providers, suppliers, and general aviation users (Schaar & Sherry, 2010). The external stakeholders in this scenario consist of the tourism department and environmental protection services such as tourists, tourism organizations and operators, enterprises, local communities, and the government (Turker et al., 2016). The government, both federal and local, cover the aspects of infrastructure and transport. The environmental protection stakeholders include the relevant government representatives, the environmental protection agencies, the local community, and the environmental researchers. Therefore, the deliberation process must collect and address the needs of individuals from all these groups.

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