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Live Advertisement Assignment. Business & Marketing Essay (Essay Sample)


the task was about creating advertising channels for strub's company. the sample is illustrating the different channels that can be used by strub's company to advertise its services.


Live Advertisement Assignment
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Live Advertisement Assignment
CC: Professor Bodkin
Re: Advertisement Strategy for Strub’s brand of Whytes
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving us a chance to develop an advertising strategy for your brand. As a company that majors in pickles, the advertisement to be designed should be one that informs the clients on how their needs in terms of food are well served at the Strub's.
Informing the Users about the Products and Services at Strub’s
An advertisement aims to ensure that customers are well-informed on how the brand meets their diverse needs. By this, we aim at informing the customers of the services at Strub's. In this manner, the brand can gain a strong position in the minds of the customers. More ideas that can be adopted by the company for efficient marketing are elaborated under Exhibit #1.
In coming up with this advertisement strategy, various objectives have to be put in place. The objectives include:
* Develop a marketing technique that gains the attention of global customers.
* Establish an advertisement approach that earns the Strubs a competitive advantage over other brands.
* The various promotions by Strub’s must be included in the advertisements to inform the customers of the different discounts offered.
* Consider how its potential customers view the brand.
In deciding the best marketing strategy for this brand, several factors were considered. These are the factors that will ensure that the company does not spend resources on advertisement strategies that are not in line with products and its potential customers. If applied, these strategies will ensure that the right customers are reached, and as a result, the sales for the company will be increased. The factors put into consideration are:
* Determination of the advertisement goal.
* Deciding on the target audience
* Creation of an advertising budget.
* Considering the set-up of the brand.
* Long-term benefit
From the consideration of these factors, the main advertising idea is the creation of awareness. In support of this main idea, the alternative choices that will be considered are:
* Product Differentiation
* Addressing Global Concerns
* Product Promotion
Why we Chose Awareness Creation as the Priority in Advertisement
A wide range of people uses Strub's products. It is a fact that every human being desire to partake of well-made prickles like the ones at the Strub’s. Therefore, potential customers must be informed that these needs can be met at the Strub’s. To attain this goal, the advertisement strategy must create enough awareness of diverse people. The products by this company do not target a specific population of people that can be reached through a single media. Therefore, it is our responsibility to incorporate the various channels by which the company will be able to reach out to people, thereby creating a thorough awareness.
Why we Don’t Consider Outbound Advertisement
As a brand that has been in existence in Canada since 1929, we believe that it has gained viewership and that many people are aware of it. The challenge is only making people understand how the company meets their needs. There may exist a particular population who did not like the idea by the brand the first time they heard about its existence. Therefore, this advertisement aims to re-capture the attention of these people towards the company. They have to be informed that the brand has since changed. Thus, whatever aspect of their operation, which was against their expectations, has been enhanced.
Why we Choose to Address Global Concerns
As a brand that has been in existence for over a century, it is well known in Canada. Many people in the country are aware of its products. Therefore, it is also necessary to capture the global market. The outcomes of this brand are not only used in Canada but globally. For this reason, the advertisement has to address the needs of people from other countries. It has to be made in a way that it can reach out to people in different countries. To capture the attention of the global concerns, we shall come up with an informative advertisement like the one illustrated in image one under exhibit #4. In this manner, the products by your brand can be identified by the global customers via the diverse distribution channels. In this advertisement, the logo of the company will be recognized as well as the signature style for branding.
Why we are Focussing on Product Differentiation
Strub’s is a well-known brand based on the time it has been in existence. Although it is a famous brand, it faces competition from other brands that offer the same products. Therefore, we have to come up with an advertisement that creates a visual illustration for the customers. In this manner, it will be easy to showcase how unique the products by this company are as compared to other products. According to our experience in the advertisement of foodstuffs, we believe that this will increase the appetite of people for Strub's products.
The brand image will be enhanced by the visual advertisements that will be created. Based on this report, we welcome any suggestions that you would like to be incorporated in this advertisement. We will be glad to proceed to the next step after your response to this report on the ad. An implementation plan has been attached for you to familiarize yourself with our mode of operation. As a company, we are grateful for having this chance to work with you. We aim to create an advertisement that will positively impact the image of your brand to the public.
Thank You,
Advertisement and branding department
Strub’s a brand of Whytes.

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