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The task was to investigate which is the best location to source for cofee and make a recommendation. it was a case study that required the evaluation of various factors of production and advice the company on the best location to set up their production. selected country was brazil, and justification for the selection had to be given .


Expository Essay 2
For the particular case, the nation of choice for the coffee production is going to be Brazil. One of the reasons is that the nation makes a tremendous contribution towards the total coffee produced around the world – nearly one-third of the coffee in the international market. According to numerous studies, there is high demand for coffee across the world primarily because of the high quality of coffee produced in the nation. According to Dambaugh (2009), Brazil embodies excellent climatic conditions which support the growth of the Arabic and Robusta coffee species. Moreover, Brazil has excellent soils which are essential condition for the growth of the coffee.
I will also rely on Fernandez, a large scale farmer living in Sao Paulo. He has a Mexican origin and also is a bachelor’s degree holder with Agribusiness as the area of specialty. With fifty coffee plantations, he is capable of producing sufficient amount of coffee all through the year. The fact that Fernandez is multilingual gives him an added advantage. According to McCrery & Bynum (2003), dealing with multilingual in the world of business provides an added cutting edge as the communication between individuals from diverse regions is alleviated. The area where the supplier emanates from embodies highly developed infrastructures which would be substantial especially supporting transportation of coffee to the market.
There are several economic benefits which accompany dealing with Brazilian vendors. Among them includes a good local economy that facilitates production of cheap coffee. Consequently, the overall prices in the local market are relatively low. As a result, once the coffee is imported, the final prices are also low yet of high quality too. Moreover, the Brazilian government also has created an enabling atmosphere for the production and exportation of coffee beans to nations like Belgium, Germany, and U.S.A which further implies reduced the cost of making importation from Brazil cheap (McCrery & Bynum, 2003). The implied result is increased profits for the traders dealing with coffee imported from Brazil. More importantly, there are two distinct coffee species produced concurrently, and that makes it economical dealing with Brazilian vendors. Additionally, Brazil is the biggest producer of coffee in the world making her the most reliable source.
The nation in question is well known for its great environment, yet that is accompanied by tight environmental laws just like in our country. The laws are primarily created to ensure the economy, which relies greatly on agriculture. Among the laws includes the 1981 Brazilian Environmental Policy which was created to restrict individuals from emitting poisonous gases into the environment. That is similar to the Kyoto- Protocol agreement that is meant to protect the atmosphere in our country. Some of the other laws applicable in Brazil and similarly in our nation include;
* There are some laws that have been implemented by the Brazilian constitution with regards to environmental protection laws. The laws include:
* Federal Law No. 6938/1981 that brings about the Environmental Policy
* Federal Law No. 9605/1998 is based on environmental laws that detail the manner through which criminals should be dealt with in law courts.
* Federal Law No. 140/2011 which is based on the extent of cons

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