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Marketing Strategy and Action Plan for Tinted Eye Sunglasses (Essay Sample)


Hello- This is an international marketing project. Our country is the United Arab Emirates. Our product that we made up is called Tinted Eyes (sunglasses). Please see the attached instructions. I am only responsible for Section 2. Please keep the answers in the same bulleted format like it is on the instruction paper. I also have a chart that I have to fill in as well but you will see it on the instruction page. All instructions are very clear on the instructions page. Again, you are ONLY completing section 2.


Marketing Strategy and Action Plan
Marketing Strategy and Action Plan
2. Target Market(s) Section
* Characteristics of consumers to target
* Population
Introducing the tinted eye would help improve satisfaction. In the UAE, the age demographics range from 25 to 39 years, making the most active population in constant need of Tinted Eyes. Furthermore, women are more likely to purchase sunglasses due to their high interest in class and style.
* Lifestyle
Additionally, the customer segment is in the middle-income status category. The target audience is also interested in outdoor activities. Due to the climatic conditions of the UAE, the tinted glasses will give the persona an easy time as they explore.
* Income and Expenditure
In the United Arab Emirates, customers are particular about the brand they want to purchase since they are very sentimental about the brand they currently possess. In the United Arab Emirates, the income and expenditure status affect most decisions made by the consumers; hence the person is more flexible in purchasing power due to their high-income status.
* Household Characteristics

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