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Integrating Facebook, and Twitter in digital Promotion (Essay Sample)


Order Description first i would like to request an american writer that their first language is english. assignment 2 digitial advertising strategy for a small business In this assignment you willdevelop a digital promotional strategy for a local small businee (actual of fictional of your own selection)THE STRATEGY SHOULD INCLUDE A WEBSITE A FACEBOOK PAE AND TWITTER ACCOUNT 1. describe in detail the small business you are using and whether the business in question is real or fictional 2, determine the target market for the selected small business and justify your choice 3. determine how the small business uses social media and the internet to reach its target market provide examples to support your answer 4. evaluate the different options for designing a website that reflects the image and target market of the small business. Determine which Website design you would select. SUPPORT YOUR SELECTION 5. evaluate the different options for developing a successful social media strategy. 6. Determine how you would integrate Facebook, and Twitter into your digital promotional strategy for the selected small business. PROVIDE EXAMPLES TO SUPPORT YOUR IDEAS THIS BOOK SHOULD BE USED AS ONE OF THE 4 SOURCES MORIARTY S. E. (2012). ADVERTISING & IMC PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE (9TH ED) UPPER SADDLE RIVER, NJ PEARSON EDUCTION, INC


Digital advertising is a marketing technique that aims to use internet and related sites such as social media to create awareness to clients. The aim of digital promotional strategy is to identify opportunities and challenges in the local fashions exhibition and provide solutions leading to overall business profit. The strategy also focuses to meet the needs of the teenagers and youths in the area by providing an interactive segment where they can communicate with fashion sellers from any location. The strategy targets to deliver the goals and vision of the fashion exhibition by educating and engaging employees in the daily running of the business (Moriarty, Mitchell & Wells, 2012). The advertising strategy success will be measured by the increase of market exposure and increase of customers’ knowledge of the products. Digital promotional method is vital for small businesses because it reduces service costs and adds value to the business brand online. These benefits will eventually lead to growth of business objectives, clients retention and clients acquisition. Websites, facebook and twitter are effective digital promotional strategies for small businesses.
Description of the small business
The digital promotional strategy targets a real local small business that majors in selling teenager and youth fashions of all genders. The business stocks both local and foreign products, aiming at the modern fashion. Currently, ladies dresses are the most moving items in the area hence most of the businesses stock is dresses. The dresses colors and designs range from African to western designs which make the business to be a hub for different customers with different tastes. However, the business has not created enough awareness of their product to attract more customers and retain the existing ones. One challenge I met is that the shoe shelves are always stocked with the same fashion varieties. From a research I carried out I found that most people prefer buying shoes from other shops, reason being other shops have different varieties to choose from. However, from my research I realized that the shoes were not well displayed. Though they had numerous varieties, the display shelves would only show three or four different designs out of almost the twenty varieties present in the shop. Additionally, only the flat shows were in the front display and most of the shoppers preferred high heeled shoes. Most of the young people shopping in the shop aimed at party attires hence they would be attracted to elegant, modern, unique and bright colored clothes. The exhibition has five shelves. The first shelf stocks men wares like trousers, T-shirts, ties and jackets. The second shelf is fitted with men shoes ranging from official casual shoes, official shoes and sandals. The third shelf has ladies ware like skirts and dresses from all designs and colors. The final shelf is in the horizontal front line of the shop which is used as a display. It consists of all, varieties of items stocked in the shop.
2. Target market
The promotional technique is aimed to capture fashion shoppers between ten and thirty years. These people have the potential to buy more fashions because they buy goods depending on populace of fashions. The young teenagers between ten and twenty years who depend on their parents to buy these items are much convincing forcing their parents to buy what they had not planned for. Some of them also prefer being awarded a shoe or any fashion present in their memorial days such as birthdays. Hence, they form a large portion of customers’ target. Young youths between twenty and thirty are also best targets because most of them are working and do not have many things to take care for such as families. This is a stage where everyone wants to be the best fashion mania. Targeting this group is much advantageous because they are charismatic; attracting their friends when they realize a certain product is good for them. Furthermore, this group spends more than what they save depending on the attractiveness of a product. For example, Young girls will prefer wearing dresses they saw from a TV presenter or an actor who happens to be their role models.
3. How the small business uses social media and the internet to reach its target market
The local business has been using social media to create awareness for their products mainly faceboook. In few occasions, it uses twitter which reaches more office workers accessing the sites ...
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