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How Mood Affects Purchasing Behaviour (Essay Sample)


The sample essay attached concerned the role played by mode in regard to purchasing behavior of the customer.


How Mood Affects Purchasing Behaviour
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According to Parker-Pope CITATION Par05 \n \t \l 1033 (2005) shopping makes a person feel happy. To comprehend it from the psychological perspective, shopping helps to activate the main areas of the brain uplifting the mood and making a person automatically feel good. The entourage around shopping malls and peeping through decorated shop windows gets the mood going for consumers who happen to enjoy the time they spend in the malls. When Parker-Pope CITATION Par05 \n \t \l 1033 (2005) interviewed random shopper she penetrated consumers using words such as satisfaction and fulfilment to describe their shopping ordeal. Many felt satisfied as they got to try clothes different sorts of clothes and choose from what suited them most. Of course they could not have experienced this without coming to a shopping mall.
Parker-Pope CITATION Par05 \n \t \l 1033 (2005) discusses about a retailer who runs a boutique by the name of retail therapy. The philosophy that the owner follows is that she keeps products that she feels may make consumers happy and persuade them to ultimately buy the product. So Parker-Pope CITATION Par05 \n \t \l 1033 (2005) believes that this particular boutique owner is fully convinced that there are certain products that have the ability to enhance the mood of a person and also has the power to make them buy that product. Many scientists would agree to this theory as science has also started to believe from the positive response of consumers that the act of shopping has the ability to make them feel happy.
According to Goodstein CITATION Goo94 \n \t \l 1033 (1994) the mood of a person greatly affects his actions. When a person is happy he enjoys the things and people around him. He enjoys the environment and the things belonging to that environment. Shopping can be described as a mood changing event. Goodstein CITATION Goo94 \n \t \l 1033 (1994) describes that it is not our mood that changes the buying behaviour instead it’s the environment around shopping malls that changes our mood. What actually happens is that when a person visits a shop or a larger mall then he or she starts to ‘come in the spirit of shopping.’ A person might have just come to buy a pair of shoes but when he sees others around him grabbing grocery, clothes or even an electronic item then he might also get involved in buying those things. It’s like shoppers send positive vibes to other shoppers. This however just does not happen all by itself. Goodstein CITATION Goo94 \n \t \l 1033 (1994) believes that shoppers get a feeling of excitement mostly in malls. Shops that are not kept well decorated and unclean do not have the ability to make the customers happy. In such a case if a person comes to buy a pair of shoes then he might not end up buying dozens of others things. The larger malls have an atmosphere that makes a person stay in there for long and have a good time. The larger malls maintain the building and each shop is very well decorated. Music is running at the background that psychologically comforts the shoppers. There is even a play area where mothers can allow their children to play while they can shop effortlessly. All these factors combined ease the mind of a shopper and makes him or her feel happy. Under such case a shopper might penetrate products that he never before got the chance to. Because he or she feels relaxed it becomes easier for them to buy the tested product.
Lenochová, Vohnoutová, Roberts, & Oberzaucher CITATION Len11 \n \t \l 1033 (2011) believe that there are some products and services that are highly attractive to the customers and though there would not be a need to but they do in order to seek happiness. One of those products is perfume. There might be a large collectors, normally the case for perfume collectors, but experience of buying again in a shopping mall may just encourage a person to buy a perfume. Lenochová, Vohnoutová, Roberts, & Oberzaucher CITATION Len11 \n \t \l 1033 (2011) believe that perfume is one of those products that look to make a customer happy every time he enters a mall. The researchers believe that majority of the buyers of perfumes did not enter the shop with an intention to purchase. The odour or the pleasant scent makes one happy and in order to seek that happiness customers often enter the shop. Once they enter the shop and start to sniff various scents they end up buying the one that appealed most to them. So buying a perfume or cologne is normally seen as an instant decision. The researchers note that even though a perfume might be seen as a luxury commodity it does not prevent the middle class or even lower class of people from purchasing. The reason is simply because it gives them ecstasy and make their mood happy at the time they are smelling it.
Ali CITATION Ali89 \n \t \l 1033 (1989) surveyed 101 shoppers to see their buying behaviour and check if it made them happy in the end or not. He noticed a very strange relationship between buying grocery, satisfaction and disappointment. Ali CITATION Ali89 \n \t \l 1033 (1989) penetrated that most shoppers buying grocery felt very happy at supermarkets. Most of them were of the opinion that they ended up buying more than what was required. When Ali CITATION Ali89 \n \t \l 1033 (1989) asked the reason for such actions then most shoppers said that when once they start shopping in supermarkets it is very hard to stop. Even the customers with a tight budget were in a similar type of a situation. Ali CITATION Ali89 \n \t \l 1033 (1989) noted shoppers saying that they get excited after seeing a large range of products in shops. This excitement takes over them and they end up spending and buying commodities which in the end they never required. Though in the end shoppers expressed that they felt very disappointed but the process of shopping in supermarkets is very unique to them.
This point out to the fact that shopper love and enjoy buying things which they see in wide range in front of their eyes. Ali CITATION Ali89 \n \t \l 1033 (1989) feels that the feeling of excitement at that moment is stronger than anything for a ...
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