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Neuro-Linguistics in Advertising (Essay Sample)


This sample examined the role of neuro-linguistics in advertising. Neuro-linguistics – the relationship between the human brain and language – provides a viable marketing tool, as it helps marketers develop certain communication stimuli suitable for specific market segments. This essay explained how the use of neuro-linguistic approaches, including verbal and non-verbal cues, can help advertisers and marketers brand and package their products and services to attract, engage, and retain customers.


Neuro-linguistics in Advertising
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Neuro-linguistics in Advertising
Neuro-linguistics refers to the study of the relationship between the human brain and language, with the aim of understanding the neurological processes involved in language use (Skinner & Stephens, 2014). Neuro-linguistics offer a viable marketing communication tool, enabling advertising and sales specialists to develop and apply a set of defined communication stimuli to specific market segments. 

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