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Organizational change and development (Essay Sample)


the paper discussed the ways an organization can effect change and the impacts that the change has on organizational development.


News Corporation has experienced a number of events that can be considered to have significant effect on the organizational development of the company. In the year 2011, the company was forced to close one of its major operations called the News of the World. The News of the World, a major paper published by the company was under allegations of hacking into phones prompting a call for the resignation of the head or chief executive of the News of the World. The allegations of the News of the World hacking into the phones of the murdered schoolgirl Dowler Milly and a parent to one of the Soham murder victims together with the relatives of the military killed in Afghanistan tarnished the image of the company thus prompting the deputy chief operating officer of the Corporation and chairman upon consultation with the other senior management colleagues to close down the News of the World (Smith, 2012).
On the month of June the year 2012, News Corporation underwent a second significant change of splitting the corporation in to two companies. The News Corporation had planned to split the corporation (publicly traded company) in to two, with a single company taking care of the television and film assets and the second company comprising of its publishing entities. The Corporation split would separate the 20th Century Fox film studio, FBN (Fox Broadcasting Network) and Fox News Channel from the book and Newspaper publishing. The changes would also come with alterations in the management of the corporation.
These types of changes are regarded as second-order discontinuous changes given the nature of their characteristics and the effects that they have on the organization development and employees. The closure of the News of the World paper in the year 2011 and the splitting of the Corporation in to two companies in the year 2012 formed transformational and radical fundamental changes that were disruptive and large scale (News Corporation, 2011).
The changes are suspected to have influenced each other thus constituting a response to the environment. The Possible solutions or recommendations and significant methods of implementing the change include:
Committing to quality over quantity- the corporation is splitting into two companies with one focusing on broadcasting and filming while the other focuses on book and newspaper publishing. The implication of the division is that the company will employ more individuals thus making the company expensive and necessitates an ambitious output. However, the split will emphasize on the quality or products and service generated by the company.
Communicate the changes to employees in advance- the company employees are usually the most affected following an organizational change or developments in the form of a major change. Employees who are going to be laid need to be informed in advance to ensure a smooth organizational change and development.
Becoming less organized- the organizational charts and the major divisions were created for an effective running of the company. The company or corporation needs to involve each individual from management to the other employees in implementing the changes to ensure that the objectives and missions of the company regarding the major changes are upheld.
Collaboration- the clients or customers to the company are part of the team that are usually affected by the significant alterations that take places within an organization. The Corporation needs to pay attention to the audience (individual cust...
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