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P.I. Licensing Requirements (Essay Sample)

The essay talks about P.I. Licensing Requirements. source..
P.I. Licensing Requirements Name of the Student Institution Affiliation P.I. Licensing Requirements An investigator license is a mandatory requirement for all private investigators across the globe. The state of Ohio mandates that all private investigators should have certified licensure in order to operate. According to Ohio Law, applicants of the License should either offer background check services, or perform genealogical research. Candidates can only apply for licensure which limits them to investigative services only. There are various requirements that an applicant for a private investigator license in Ohio must have. All applicants must submit their fingerprints for a criminal background check. This is done after an applicant apply with Ohio Department of Public Safety CITATION Ohi13 \l 1033 (Ohio Private Investigator). Successful applicants should not have a felony conviction record for the past twenty years. A background check is performed by the bureau of criminal identification. If a candidate possesses a firearm, a background check is performed on them by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A person should have at least 5 character references. The references must have known a candidate for a minimum period of five years. Consequently, the reference must not be a blood relative to the license applicant. If a firm applies for a P.I. license, it must provide five references for every person specified under the application statement. Before a license is issued, a candidate must submit documents that proofs that he or she has liability insurance coverage. The state of Ohio requires that all P.I. license applicants should have one hundred thousand dollars liability insurance cover. In addition, a candidate must have one hundred thousand dollars insurance cover for property damages. Finally, an applicant must have a minimum of 4000 hours of performance in investigatory work ...
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