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Pros and Cons of Employment-at-will Doctrine (Essay Sample)


Pros and Cons of Employment-at-will Doctrine.Employment-at-will defines the condition in which an employee can be terminated from a given job at any time without providing any valid reason.


Pros and Cons of Employment-at-will Doctrine
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Pros and Cons of Employment-at-will Doctrine
Employment-at-will defines the condition in which an employee can be terminated from a given job at any time without providing any valid reason. Similarly, employment-at-will can imply a state where an employee chooses to quit the job without any relevant explanation. The naib attribute of these jobs is that, in most cases, they do not have any contract. Essentially, at-will employment was created to provide immense flexibility to the employer. However, these forms of works are associated with low job security. Under some circumstances, employment-at-at-will contracts do exist. A relevant example of employment-at-will doctrine involves hourly and minimum wage employees. Therefore, an employee working based on a verbal agreement is considered to work as an at-will employee. Arguably, the employment-at-will doctrine white has is both beneficial and disastrous to both the employer and employee.
The first sign of the employment-at-will doctrine is that it provides excellent flexibility to employees in searching for other jobs (Werhane & Radin 2019). In circumstances whereby there are countless at-will options on the market, the doctrine will provide sufficient opportunities to seek better renumerating jobs. Besides, they help employees begin to start building their careers. Secondly, the employment-at-will doctrine offers promotions based on merit. Often, employees who work in a contractual capacity receive promotions based on negotiated seniority or rules. However, this is contrary to at-will employees who are promoted based on the credit and merit of their actions. The actions of high-performing employees are likely to serve as the motivation that will allow them to work hard to earn the promotion. A significant benefit of the employment-at-will doctrine is that it is not tight to the requirements of negotiating a contract.
On the contrary, the at-will employment doctrine provides a situation of slow hiring and a fast-firing process. For instance, when employees are not performing at a given time, they are fired rather than giving them an opportunity for growth and development. This act is particularly detrimental as it does not consider the favorable employment rules. Also, there exist a lot of uncertainties at the job (Werhane & Ra

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