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Real Estate Market. Business & Marketing Assignment (Essay Sample)


What Challanges does the COvid-19 pandemic pose to the REal Estate market
what must be covered in the assignment
1. explain what is covid-19
2. how covid-19 has influenced the real estate market
3. is the impact of corona virus on real estate market endogenous or a exogenous
4. what kind of trends are shown
5. what are the Changes Occurring in the Real estate Market because of the Pandemic


Real Estate Market
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Real Estate Market
COVID-19 is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease-2019 that is affecting humans around the globe. It is a disease that is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). Its first outbreak was reported in Wuhan, China, back in December 2019. In January 2020, the World Health Organization declared the disease as a public health emergency of international concern (WHO, 2020). Later in March 2020, when the disease had spread in many countries, the WHO declared the disease as a pandemic. COVID-19 is spread between individuals through direct contact with infected people, contaminated surfaces, or respiratory droplets. 
Governments started to impose lockdown to minimize the spread of the disease, which restricted people from traveling from one place to another (Lecocq et al., 2020). Because of this, the economic effects began to manifest itself in all their intensity in these countries. 

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