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Effects of Online Dating Communications Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)




Effects of Online Dating
Online dating is a structure that creates an avenue for individuals who can meet or find their potential partners, contact each other and eventually arrange for a date over the Internet. The objective for online dating can be developing a personal, sexual or romantic relationship. It is becoming so common that’s having a significant impact on peoples' lives. The experiences of online dating have resulted in both positive and also negative effects. Some people have ended up in satisfying relationships while others have resulted to frustrations (Finkel et al. 2012). Some of the effects of online dating are discussed below;
Social interaction
The online dating has brought a significant change to the traditional culture of dating whereby people emphasize on face-to- face meetings and communication (Underwood and Findlay, 2004). This has even reduced the social networks among individuals since they are busy hooking up with their online partners. Some of the dating apps have portrayed successful and meaningful relationships, thus most people, especially the young generation focuses on the apps for casual dating. However, on these sites dating is centered on self-presentation. One would be willing to portray themselves, not as they are but the way that seems appealing and attractive to other individuals.
Access to many potential partners
This is both an advantage and also a disadvantage. The internet apps provide wide access to potential partners making the choices confusing and overwhelming. It makes the online daters not to settle on one satisfying relationship due to continued shopping and frequent availability and access to the choices. It will thus take one a long time to settle and build on the relationship unlike when with limited choices (Finkel et al. 2012).
Provision of wrong information
Information is provided for the purpose of matching partners. However, the matching process may not be accurate for everyone. People may provide wrong information about themselves to impress other persons and also to win them as potential partners. It will thus result in poor matching and misleading expectations. Individuals may also change over time, thus resulting to misunderstandings in the dating process (Finkel et al. 2012).
Effects on existing relationships
The online dating has significantly affected the already existing relationships. Some of the people dating online already have a relationship. Online infidelity has caused adverse effects on the relationships in that it is so easy to hide. One will be so attached to an online partner, unlike their real partners due to prolonged chatting that happens when a partner is asleep or at work. People will thus tend to neglect relationships and responsibilities in the real world. Marriages get strained when the time that was spent with them is spent online. The online affair will thus distract people from handling issues that affect their real relationships because the energy and time that could have been used for that are spent on the online dating. It might lead to the distraction of the real and existing relationship (Cooper, McLaughlin, and Campbell 2000). However, the online dating also has positive impacts that include;
Access to many potential partners.
Online dating opens door to access a large number of potential partners that couldn't find in their daily lives. One will be able to filter the individuals of a particular orientation, type or even lifestyle. One can compare the likes and dislikes to come up with the partner who is more compatible with t...
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