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Immigration and exposure to cable news in the US Media Essay (Essay Sample)


This task was to discuss how cable news influence people's lifestyles and immigration.


Selective Exposure to Cable News and Immigration in the U.S
Selective Exposure to Cable News and Immigration in the U.S
Over recent years, media coverage in the United States has continued to be selective in nature as many households are choosy on the type of content they want to access. According to Zuniga, Correa & Valenzuela (2012), selective exposure to cable news is influenced by various aspects such as ideological predispositions. (Zuniga et al., 2012) explores the social-political impacts of selective exposure to cable news and people’s attitude towards certain social groups such as Mexican immigrants.
Social Problem
Selective exposure to cable news and Mexican immigrants are two major social problems according to (Zuniga et al., 2012). Discriminative exposure is choosing of media information based on personal beliefs and preferences (Stroud, 2007). As a result, there are various areas that selective exposure is likely to occur. For instance, people are stable in political preferences and hence they choose media coverage depending on their political ideologies.

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