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Introduction to Organizational Communication Communications Essay (Essay Sample)


Strong and weak ties and the concept of centrality


Introduction to Organizational Communication
Introduction to Organizational Communication
Relationships form an essential part of organization communication which often occurs between two social actors. In an organization setting, both weak tie and strong tie are essentially important in social networking interactions. This is because they help achieve various functions in a relationship but can also extend relationship network beyond the normal reach. However, weak ties can be more beneficial as compared to strong ties in organization environment. Weak ties often bring different circles of the network together, strengthening relationship while at the same time forming new links between the existing relationship circles in the organization. Furthermore, it has far reaching benefits outside of the normal relationship circles.
An evident example is someone living with a group of red wine drinkers. This person can hardly get information from coffee drinkers at the edge of his network since he only communicates with red wine drinkers. He can easily miss the taste of new red wine flavored coffee that can add to the range of red wine he takes. In this case, focusing on the red wine only means he misses the opportunity to enjoy the coffee drinking weak ties.

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