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Discuss Atleast Five Leadership Theories And Five Leadership Styles (Essay Sample)


in time of changes identify and discuss atleast five leadership theories and five leadership styles that appear frequently in the literature.
the sample determines the theories and styles whch are more effective for leaders experiencing constant changes.


Leadership theories
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Leadership Theories
Transactional theory believes the leader should be able to work closely with his followers by setting the goals to be achieved and rewarding them for good performance. (McClesky, 2014). In this theory the leader usually gets some help from his followers on how to deal with some issues of the organization. This theory can therefore be effective in case of any changes in the organization as the leader is able to get enough support from his followers in making the necessary decisions.
Trait theory believes that people can either be born with the leadership qualities or can acquire them while growing. (Parris & Peachey, 2013) The major focus of this theory was to analyze mental, physical and social characteristics so as to know the common traits found in leaders. This leadership theory can be effective in cases where an organization faces changes because the skills acquired by a leader through training can enable him deal with unexpected changes in the organization.
The style and behavior theory believes leaders should possess certain leadership skills to be able to perform duties in different situations. The theory argues that different people have unalike styles of leadership and therefore leaders need skills for different styles. (Parris & Peachey, 2013). In time of changes style and behavior theory can be effective as it believes that leaders of organizations should be able to perform their duties in all situations.
The contingency theories believe that the leadership styles used is all depended on certain factors and therefore no style can be fact. It states that leaders should be able to adapt to different situations and therefore they should practice different leadership styles. (Odumeru & Ogbonna, 2013). The theory can be used in times of changes in the organization as it encourages the leaders to practice different leadership skills.
The process leadership theory suggests that all the leaders should be focused on the well-being of people around them. (Parris & Peachey, 2013) The theory believes that leaders should be in a position to understand their juniors and respond positively to their demands without any discrimination. This means that incase the employee of an organization are faced with problems then the leader should be in a position to help them. Therefore, leaders using this leadership theory are able to cope with any changes made in the organization.
Leadership Styles
Transactional leadership style is whereby a leader outlines his performance expectations to his people and rewards good performance (McClesky, 2014). These leaders believe that by following the agreement with their followers and rewarding them for good performance can motivate them to work hard. This leadership style is reliable in case of any changes in the organization as the leader is able to change his performance expectations accordingly.
In transformational leadership style, the leaders aim at empowering their followers so as to achieve the set organizational goals. The leaders usually motivate their followers by encouraging them to be more creative while making decisions and to improve their problem-solving skills (McClesky, 2014). This style aims at bringing up positive change to the entire organization and also to the people.
In autocratic leadership style the leader has all the authority and does not involve any other person in making his decisions. (McClesky, 2014) The leaders in this leadership style make all decisions by themselves and expect the emplo...
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