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What is Media Violence? (Essay Sample)


the client wanted an essay on media violence. he specified that the paper should be a 2-page double-spaced with a thesis statement, a background paragraph , a body consisting of 3 paragraphs with supporting evidence and a conclusion. The paper also included a reference page with 4 sources correctly aligned according to the apa seventh edition.


Media Violence
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Media violence constitutes all means of communication that influence people to use force against one another. It can happen on various platforms including movies, television shows, radio, video games and music. In recent times, social media is an influencing platform that could also contribute to violence. Media platforms reach many people quickly, making it easy to spread messages of harm. Millions are on social media, thousands watch TV programs, listen to the radio, and with the popularity of video games on the rise, it is easy to propagate violence on the sites. Media violence is dangerous and could escalate in the absence of necessary interventions.
Societal dependence on the media as the source of information plays a significant role in influencing people. For example, there is more reliance on TV and radio sources of news and updates. Where presenters take sides and try to give opinions that could insinuate supporting violence, listeners may be susceptible to such convincing tactics leading to aggression against each other. The media plays a role in promoting peace and harmony in society. If it goes the reverse route to support violence, the community becomes unstable.
A report on Media Violence by the Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics shows American children between eight and eighteen spend more than six hours daily on TV, movies, video games, computer, and the Internet. Parents have little control or watch over what the kids interact with on the platforms in most instances. In the programs, the children get exposure to acts of violence. In most video games, winners are mostly people who use aggression to win battles. They could influence children to use weapons against each other in the quest to become superior. The Psychiatric Times shows that the average American spends around five hours daily watching videos (Kaplan, 2012). In some music videos, especially those inclined towards rap music have violent scenes that could cause influence. Half of the video games people play fall under the violence-containing category.
Prolonged exposure to TV programs and video games contributes to aggression amongst the people. There is a thin line between media violence and aggressive behavior (Bushman & Anderson, 2015). Media personalities are role models to many. Using their influence in a negative way could turn their subjects violent towards each other. The techniques in video games could also find their way into implementation by people (Krahe, 2012). The people try to replicate what they watched or their favorite character's role in the game. Media violence consumption plays a significant role in aggravating aggression.
Media violence could be one of the factors derailing peace and harmony in many nations. People's reliance on media for information could turn catastrophic if the platforms air violent events that could trigger aggression i

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