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Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Commercial Sector (Essay Sample)


The use ofWireless and Mobile Technologies in commercial sector. USE APA FORMAT, NUMBER OF WORDS: ABOUT 1500


Wireless and Mobile Technologies
Wireless technology is normally the processes of sending and receiving information through electromagnetic waves or the radio frequency technology in the air. The information that can be sent includes videos, data, and voice. On the other hand, mobile technology is the technology that is used for the cellular communication. Mobile technology has greatly developed over the last years with now through a simple handset one is able to send instant messages, access GPS navigation and web browser among others. Mobile technology has made use of the radio frequency wavers in the air for communication. Due to their efficiency in communication, wireless and mobile technologies have been widely used in modern organizations.
How Companies use Wireless and Mobile Technologies to improve efficiency
Mobilizing of workers
A powerful mobile workforce has been widely created by the laptops, cell phones as well as netbooks and the GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection (Kimme, 2013). Companies both large and small have been struggling in order to increase the efficiency in their operations. In order to achieve this, these wireless technologies have been of great importance. The companies have been keeping in touch with their employees through the wireless and mobile connections. The owners will normally have to keep track of the multiple facets in their business. The use of wireless technologies helps to ensure that the businesses are not tied down to a single location.
Wireless computers
The creation of Wi-Fi has played a very vital role in communication in businesses. The modern laptops have given the workers an opportunity to be able to connect easily from the coffee shops, hotels, home offices and even book stores. This has been a big boost to efficiency of the business since several activities such as the research, email; invoicing and also handling the project development can be accomplished without having to return to the desktop computer in the main office.
Office operations
The use of the wireless technology has not only increased business efficiency but also saved the companies a lot of money. The companies no longer require running the wires physically throughout the office. The use of the wireless connectivity has also ensured that the workers can connect through the wireless handset anywhere in the range without looking for specific locations. This has greatly increased efficiency of the business operations.
Wireless and Mobile Technologies used at Delta
Delta Airlines has been one of the most tech-friendly companies. The company has been able to integrate in-flight Wi-Fi which has been essential for their customers and workers. The company has also developed applications for smart phones which have very desirable and innovative features (Hax, Wilde & Palgrave, 2013). The customers have been able to access various duties such as baggage tracking and the airport check-ins. Delta has also developed connectivity through social network sites such as Facebook. This implies that the Facebook users can check for their upcoming freights with ease. The company has also increased its customer interactions through other social networking sites like twitter in both English and Spanish.
The company has developed great levels of efficiency through implementation of the wireless and mobile technologies. The use of the 24 hrs system of contact with the customers through social networking sites like Facebook and twitter has greatly increased efficiency in their operations. The customers have been able to book tickets online which are a great development. Although the company has invested a lot of money in the project, its fruits are more than desired. Although the languages of communication are limited to two especially on twitter, this is a great step towards development. The Fly Delta app has been a significant technological development with the eBoarding check-in options now available in over 79 cities across the globe (Smyth, 2014). The provision of inflight Wi-Fi has also been admirable. These wireless and mobile technologies have greatly improved the efficiency and led to great customer attraction.
Implementation of organizational systems, wireless technologies, and mobile technologies by Walmat
Walmart is one of the greatest retail centers in the world situated in the US. Walmart has been using a lot of modern technologies in offering efficient services to their customers. The company has its technology split in to two that is based on the Bentonville which focuses on the technology in the building and the Silicon Valley which is based on the e-commerce technologies (Yoo, Lee & Rowley, 2012).
The company has made use of the wireless and the mobile networks in order to reach more efficiently to their customers. One of the great developments is the Savings Catcher application for their customers. The company launched the application after finding that offer 65% of their customers as well as over 80% of the customers who are below the age of 35 have smart phones. In this regard, the application is meant to assist the customers to shop. After shopping, the customer can add the receipt number to the shopping she just did through the website. The application compares the prices with the local retailers and in case there is a place where the prices are lower, the customer gets a gift card that equals the difference.
The company has also designed e-Receipts services to their customers where they can access the services through their mobile phones. The customers are able to receive what was called by the CEO a shopping basket basing on the regular purchases. The company has also been developing radio-frequency identification tags for their 100 top suppliers which would make the delivery very easy (Sounderpandian&Sinha, 2013).
The company has made a lot of progress through the incorporation of these wireless technologies. The company has attracted and retained a lot of customers as shopping has been made easy. Most of the customers know very well that they are getting the most quality services and goods with the lowest prices possible. Through the use of the mobile technology, the customers can easily access the shopping items online which makes the work easier during the actual shopping time. This has increased the efficiency in the way the company operates.
Comparative analysis
Despite that the two companies have made use of mobile and wireless technologies in order to achieve more efficient operations, Delta has uses the technology more strategically as compared to Walmart. This is because despite the fact that the company has a complicated operational system especially as an air travel providers, it has been able to ease the burden for the customers who can now book places using their mobile phones. It should be noted that it is normally very challenging for most people to go to the airport to book for flights which are in a few daysâ€&tra...
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