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To What Extent Is The Use Of Animals In Scientific Research Acceptable? (Essay Sample)


the task was on creative essay writing about the extent to which the use of animals in scientific research acceptable.


To what extent is the use of animals in scientific research acceptable?
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Over the recent past, there has been increased use of animals in the scientific research. For instance, animals are used in different experiments to test drugs before being consumed by human beings. The main reason why animals are mostly used in such researches is that experts and scientists cannot test their invented drugs on human beings. This has attracted varied reactions from two sides that is those supporting the idea as well as those against it. Those against the idea have argued that just like human beings, animals are part of the beautiful; creation of God hence the need to be valued and preserved just as the human life is equally treasured. Giridharan et al. (2000) state that the use of animals is detrimental to the economy. They have further argued that the scientific research which is based on the animals as the specimen is hardly successful hence the need to use alternatives. On the contrary, those for the idea have vehemently defended it with claims that it is certainly hard to find human bodies to subj...
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