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My Adventure in Law Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


the people was about writing about something i once thought it is difficult but later realized it is easy and enjoyable when doing practically.


My Adventure in Law
Institutional Affiliation
I had a passion to venture into the legal corridors since I was ten. I adored the fantasy of solving crimes and presiding over criminal cases and overturning the judicial systems to accord justice to the weak, sick and the dying. During my teenage years, only the well-off families could afford an attorney. Vast innocent individuals convicted of heinous crimes they never committed ended on death row and most of them were eventually bit by the fag of the execution. My core passion was to join the legal arena and be a defendant of these individuals. However, at the time, I had a friend who was a practicing attorney, and he often asserted that pursuing law was not a walk in the park. He often quoted complex law jargons, bills, statutes and codes that scared my passion to ever join the legal field.
When I hit eleven, I began watching the Orenthal James Simpson’s case which unraveled the flaws of forensic detectives and the legal justice system that eventually led to the acquittal of O.J Simpson. I felt that justice was not served for the victims of this case and I had a resolute determination to ensure such mishaps do not recur in future. I also read the Sherlock Holmes book, and this further captivated my passion. I hence joined a law school and found out that the discipline was easier than I thought. For instance, the bills, statutes, an...
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