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Professional Nursing Mission Statement (Essay Sample)


As a BSN and CCRN candidate, my present fundamental focus is on completing my program with excellence and fulfilling my tuition reimbursement obligations with my current employer. Currently, I am engaged as a bedside nurse in an ICU setting, though once my degree is complete, my ultimate goal is to establish myself in a role with local or federal government public health. This could also extend to insurance services, worker's compensation, or any role in which my desire to improve the ongoing health and wellbeing of others is realized. Leveraging my entrepreneurial spirit, I also aspire to create a home health agency, a setting in which I feel I can make a measurable difference in the wellness and quality of life of those under my care.


Institutional Affiliation
Professional Mission Statement
Professional Summary
Throughout the course on the BSN program, I have evolved to become a highly competent student nurse as a well as a future professional in the nursing field. I have participated in both class and clinical activities that have strengthened my understanding of the scope and practice of the nursing profession and the knowledge as well as skills that are expected from a bachelor nurse in his or her professional practice. For instance, I participated in a wide range of clinical and academic activities, which were conducted in teams. I played an active role in leading team activities and cultivating the desired skills in those I worked with. I also sought further knowledge on my professional abilities by seeking assistance in areas of weaknesses that undermined my competence as a professional nurse. Often times, I practiced delegation of specific tasks that I found to be beyond my abilities. I was also an active advocate for the protection of the rights of the patients and their significant others. I have always ensured that patients’ rights such as the right to information, decision-making, and access to quality healthcare are embraced. Consequently, these aspects have shaped who I am as a student and whom I will be as a registered practicing nurse.
Throughout my academic journey, I have developed my abilities as a professional nurse in many ways. Firstly, I have participated in nursing research with the aim of enhancing the use of empirical evidence in the provision of care to those in need. Secondly, I have always demonstrated accountability and responsibility in the decisions that I make in the clinical settings. Prior to initiating any care, I have always seek professional advice on areas I perceive to possess some knowledge or skill deficits. I have also ensured that I make decisions that would improve the realization of the set goals of the patients I provide my care. As identified earlier, I have worked actively in various teams both in the classroom and clinical settings. Through it, I have been able to develop my communication, clinical decision making, collaboration, and critical thinking skills. I believe that nurses should be creative in nature. They should always seek new approaches to enhancing the quality of care that is given to their patients. As a result, I have been a self-driven and an innovative person in aspects related to both my clinical and academic activities. For instance, I participated in a discussion that aimed at exploring the various ways in which compassionate fatigue can be managed among the nurses working in the intensive care unit. My participation in this event widened my understanding of the extensive ways in which the healthcare being provided in the clinical and community settings can be improved.
My journey throughout the online BSN program has been full of excitements as well as challenges. One of the challenges I experienced is time management. When I started this program I had significant challenges in coming up with a balance between my academic, clinical, and non-academic demands. Often times, I found myself lagging behind in some academic aspects, which threatened my academic success. I also experienced the challenge of communicating effectively with those I worked with. Traditionally, I have not been a highly confident person when expressing myself to others in teams. However, the curriculum for BSN students helped me overcome these challenges in many ways. Firstly, my interaction with the other students and my lecturers gave me an opportunity to learn from them on effective ways of time management. Over time, I was able to plan my time and meet the objectives of both my academic and non-academic activities. Throughout the program, I participated in various group discussions, teamwork activities, and presentations that built my communication skills. I developed confidence in my ability to express myself to others whenever we were working on groups. Therefore, I consider the BSN program to have been in important in helping me overcome these challenges.
My coursework helped me meet each of the outcomes of the nursing program in many ways. Firstly, my active participation in class and clinical activities such as group discussions and clinical presentations helped me develop my communication skills. Working in a highly simulative environment improved my clinical reasoning skills since I had to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the classroom to develop effective treatment plans for the patients I work with. I also applied evidence-based practice in providing the care to those in need. In this case, I aimed at using interventions that have been proven scientifically to be effective in managing problems presented by the patients. Additionally, I led initiatives such as group discussions, clinical presentations, and planning of care for the patients. Through it, I applied leadership knowledge and skills that I had gained in class in promoting the delivery of quality healthcare to the patients. Finally, I worked closely with the patients and their families to understand more about etiology of the

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