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A Report On The Chapters Covered In Exploring Physical Geography (Essay Sample)



A Report on the Chapters Covered in Exploring Physical Geography Name: Instructor: Course: Date A Report on the Chapters Covered in Exploring Physical Geography There are different features covered in the book Exploring Physical Geography. Streams and flooding is favorite feature of study. Tributaries are the stream sources and the nature are affected by seasons and snowmelt. An interesting feature of rivers is the curves that brings about meanders. Meanders forms oxbow lakes which is an attraction site making it a feature to bookmark in streams. Selecting a region near rivers to camp or build one should consider the size of floodplain and nature of levees to prevent dangers of flash floods at drainage basins. The least favorite exploring physical feature is the plate tectonics and regional features, this is because it is difficult to view the trenches and ridges at the ocean areas at other sites because of effects of ocean tides (Stephen J.Reynolds ,2014). There are different important lessons learnt about the physical geography. To begin with, Isostasy which is an aspect of study that explains the relations between crustal thickness and elevation. Highly elevated areas like mountains of the continental crust are composed of thick blocks while the lowly and flat areas are made up of highly dense thin blocks. In addition, understanding the nature of soils in terms of their porosity, permeability and PH is an important factor to consider for proper plants growth (Stephen J.Reynolds,2014) The topic Glacier and glacial landforms ...
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