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The Researcher’s Role in Qualitative Research (Essay Sample)


Explain the researcher’s role in qualitative research in general and specifically in an ethnographic approach.
Discuss the unique issues that researchers should be concerned about in qualitative research.
Explain the challenges researchers face in ethnographical research.
Discuss specific actions researchers can take to ensure they retain their ethical and neutral stance in performing qualitative research and reporting their qualitative research results.
Loïc Wacquant’s Research (One to two pages)
Summarize what Loïc Wacquant’s research was about.
Determine whether or not Wacquant maintained an ethical and neutral stance.
Justify the research approach Wacquant chose to take.
Explain whether or not this could have been possible with a quantitative research study.
Impact of Research (One page)
Discuss how qualitative research and, in particular, ethnographic research, can inform our understanding of unique social worlds.
Describe the potential impact of research in supporting positive social change through public policy.


Qualitative Research
Qualitative Research
Role of Researcher
General Role
The world is perceived from the perspective of the research participants, thus making the reality subjective (Smith, 2017). The primary question or concept that the researcher needs to address is the guiding principle behind qualitative research. This core question or principle may comprise multiple sub-questions crucial to addressing the central question. To conduct ethnographic investigations, the researcher can and should spend ample time immersed in a general and especially society or culture. The researcher also has to work with the natural world to establish and maintain a neutral, completely disconnected attitude toward the study participants and the eco-system in which they are conducting their investigations. Through observational research, interviewing, and collecting information, the ethnographic study takes a qualitative framework for studying societal issues, intending to give helpful knowledge to address such issues. 

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