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Students Respond to Student Fee Increase (Essay Sample)


There used to be claims regarding students' admission. The major one was fee INCREMENT, which required individuals to make personal responses regarding the same. One of the students REQUESTED for a detailed letter to address the same issue. The information IS presented in the attachment. From the letter, it was neccessary to make adjustments and consider the general outlook of the students. It is from the presentations that the organization was able to make formal and working interventions regarding the organization.


Students Respond to Fee Increase
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Students respond to fee increase
The recent fee increase courtesy of the school senate has not augured well with the student fraternity. The students were astonished to wake to a new notice informing them of an oncoming tuition increase for the third time in two years. While some students felt the campus senate had all the reasons to raise the fee, other felt perturbed by the situation. Small impromptu gatherings were quickly held on the campus ranging from classrooms, and cafeteria as well s the pavements. The students tried to make out any sense on the constant fee hike and weighed the reasons given by the senate.

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