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Predict what might happen after people successfully land on Mars (Essay Sample)


This essay takes of Many ideas circulate from scientists on how a successful human Mars Landing would be achieved. When and if this occurs, it would be followed by a number of possibilities. Being similar to earth in many ways, Mars could be the next home of humans. At the same time, the possibility of finding alien life on Mars may also come true. If this happens, the reaction of humans as well as that of the aliens would determine whether they coexist of challenge one another.


Predict what might happen after people successfully land on Mars
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Predict what might happen after people successfully land on Mars
Landing on Mars has been one of the greatest fascinations humanity has had for centuries. The wish that humans land on Mars has predominantly preoccupied the human mind. Many astronauts and engineers engage in constant innovation and research to enable this happen. As indicated by Kaufman (2012), seven successful unmanned spacecraft landings have occurred on Mars. These were directed by machinery and robots. However, there is still no successful human Mars Landing. As humanity explores this possibility, many imaginations and possibilities get reconnoitred. If favourable, Mars could provide an alternative home to the constantly swelling human population. It could also avail resources like petroleum and other forms of energy to supplement those on earth. Nonetheless, the distance between Mars and the planet Earth has constantly remained a challenge. The only unanswered question is what might possibly happen after people successfully land on Mars.
An analysis of the geography of Mars by Lane (2011) pointed out that the planet is approximately 140 million miles away from the sun. It has a diameter of about 4200 miles with its day lasting 24 hours and 37 minutes. Maritan telescopic observations indicate the presence of mountains and the possibility of existence of moisture. These have been confirmed by unmanned landings of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) and the Phoenix lander of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Depending on these, there are slim chances that Mars might support human life. A successful Mars landing would probably trigger mass migration of humanity to Mars.
Two other insights into the conditions in Mars support the idea that it could sustain life. Stroble, McElhoney, and Kounaves (2013) outlined that the ionic composition of the soil in Mars is much like that of the Earth. Again, the soil contains moisture with all elements bearing comparative similarity and only exhibiting mere differences in cases of Ca2+ andCaCO3,which vary slightly. According to astudy by Lakdawalla (2013), water has a historical existence in Mars. This is frozen into a global ice table and supported by a favourable low atmospheric pressure. There are fresh craters of water that were spotted by one of the unmanned landings of NASA's MRO. Kaufman (2012) observed that organic compounds, water, and energy for molecule synthesis are the basic requirements that sustain life. To this extent, Mars has a considerably high number of the same. Furthermore, there is an evident possibility of the endowment of minerals and other natural resources (Lane, 2011). In the event that humans decided to occupy Mars, these could get exploited.
The only contrary possibility that challenges Mars landing and possible human occupancy is the idea that extra-terrestrial beings with intelligence may also exist on Mars. As indicated by Dick(2001), this could provide the first historical intelligence challenge to the long lasting human dominance. It is not known how much the intelligence levels of such beings would be, however, if they existed and had intelligence much more than humans, then the outcomes would be varied. Probably, they would force their way to Earth and challenge humans. On the oth...
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