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Threats of Cyberterrorism (Essay Sample)

This essay is about a live concert called Freedom Experience that was held at SoFi Stadium and streamed on YouTube on July 24, 2021. The event featured several artists, including Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, Tori Kelly, and Chandler Moore, and its main purpose was to bring people in Los Angeles together and mobilize volunteers to help with various projects, such as beautifying the city, preparing for the return to school, and providing medical clinics and assistance. The essay describes the performances of the various artists at the concert, highlighting the emotional and inspirational nature of the music and the way it addressed the challenges and difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The essay also discusses Justin Bieber's success and his ability to engage and connect with his audience through emotional appeal in his live performances. source..
Freedom Experience Student’s Name University Course Professor Date Freedom Experience Freedom Experience was a live concert held at SoFi Stadium and was also available for live streaming via Youtube on 24th July 2021. The event mainly featured Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith, Tori Kelly, and Chandler Moore. Notably, the primary purpose of the concert was to showcase both the power and beauty of collaborative city members. Accordingly, the event accentuates the need for hope, love, and more so, help, especially in the wake of a Covid-19 pandemic sseason marred with isolation, crisis, and constant suffering. In the view of foregoing, the concert began with a thought-provoking word to set the general mood and attitude of the event- freedom sounds like snapping of a chain and unlocking of the gate. The speaker furthers that experiencing freedom is akin to a bird released from a cage and a person who overcomes the darkest anxiety and pain. Indeed, Freedom experience is one live concert that brought the Americans living in Los Angeles (LA) together. Moreover, it mobilized twenty thousand volunteers located in Southern California to aid in; beautification of the city project, back to school activities, medical clinics, and help distribution activities. Undoubtedly, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic severely ravaged the economic stability of almost all countries. Furthermore, the implementation of sanctions to reduce social interactions was purposed to contain the pandemic, which saw most of the learning institutions closed down. The live performance was therefore tailored to quell the troubles stemming from the pandemic season. The epic performance commenced with Jaden Smith's track- Ghost. Jaden's lyrics resonated with the beats as the smoke machine installed on the stage produced the low-lying fog to accentuate the performance. In response, the audience recorded the performance with their phones as others sang and danced to the music. Jaden skillfully danced to the lyrics and sometimes would dash at each stage corner to ensure that he fully engaged the audience. A cohort of artists, including; Tori Kelly, Kari Jobe, and chance the rapper performed before the culmination of the event. For instance, Let's go on the run was a track performed by Chance the rapper, and it was piano-based. His performance had three voice backup singers, and the acoustics from the drum-set kit further enhanced his performance. However, the performance by Justin Bieber hallmarked the culmination of the live concert. Mainly, his performance of his Freedom track brought about an emotional moment as the audience hugged each other in demonstration of their solidarity with the deep-seated message. Also, Justin Bieber performed in conjunction with Chandler Moore to express their unwavering faith in God's support. The second verse of the track focused on seeking refuge from God, especially in times of trials and tribulation. All in all, Justin Bieber and Moore did what they needed to do, to rekindle the hopes of the Americans amidst the pandemic troubles. I found the music both emotionally engaging and inspirational, especially in addressing the troubles caused by the current pandemic Covid-19. The artists who performed are indeed...
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