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Athens and Sparta (Essay Sample)


Athens and Sparta

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Athens and Sparta
Athens and Sparta were two Greek city-states with opposing cultural beliefs and governments. Athens used democracy and formed alliances with the smaller cities where as Sparta used its strong military base to conquer and take over other lands. They were both very powerful but eventually they both fell (Nosotro).
Democracy worked to push the Athenians into even more violent and inadvisable behaviors during the course of the war. After the capture and defeat of the Mytileneans, the Athenians made a rushed decision after deliberating and discussing about the best way to punish Mytilene. The decision was that the entire male population of the Mytileneans is put to death and the remaining population of women and children be converted into slaves. This decision was made to punish Mytilene for revolting without being subjected to the empire like the rest of the cities. This decision was violent and unadvised as it condemned the entire city to a fate brought about by a number of guilty people (Burstein).
When Athens sent envoys to Sicily, Athenians held a debate on their return to determine whether they should take the expedition. The envoys came back with reports of how there were so many temples in Sicily, and the Athenians vote to send a number of ships and troops there, ignoring the opposing thoughts and speech by Nicias. The Athenians became more and more eager to have a taste of the voyage. The Athenians in the hea...
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