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The Effects Of Art Education Class On Students' Academic Achievement (Essay Sample)


The effects of art education class and participating in art activities on students' academic achievement

The effects of art education class and participating in art activities on students' academic achievement Name Instructor Institution Course Date Chappell, S. V., & Cahnmann-Taylor, M. (2013). No child left with crayons: The imperative of arts-based education and research with language “minority” and other minoritized communities. Review of Research in Education, 37(1), 243-268. – this study is one that seeks to determine the role that art education can play in improving the lives of minority of minoritised children. This is in the wake of the No Child Left behind Program, which involved making sure that there was the improvement of education programs in such a way that those individuals who were underprivileged either because they were minorities or had a bad educational background were not discriminated against. This study is critical because it involves an assessment of a diversity of studies concerning how children in the minority can be helped to achieve more. There is an attempt to examine the literature on arts education with minoritized youth within landscapes of structural inequity, scientific rationalization, and a resurgence of the racialization of non-White communities and curricula in schools. It is therefore an important study which can be included in the current study in order to enhance its credibility. Cohen-Evron, N. (2005). Students living within violent conflict: Should art educators “play it safe” or face “difficult knowledge”?. Studies in Art Education, 46(4), 309-322. – this article discusses the consequences of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the manner through which art education classes can be used to remedy its effects. It argues that art education can play a significant role when it comes to the development of means to make individuals affected express themselves better and come to terms with the conflict. The main method that has been used in conducting the research for this article has involved five case studies that seek to bring about an understanding about how art education has an impact of individuals in Israel. The findings show that art education can play an important role in bringing about an effective handling of conflict situations by art educators. This study is extremely similar to the goals of the research being conducted because it allows for an understanding of how art can be used to enhance student achievement. Haanstra, F. (2000). Dutch studies of the effects of arts education programs on school success. Studies in Art Education, 42(1), 20-35. – This study is one that essentially analyses the debate about the viability of art education. It is a debate that has come to involve the manner through which art education is viewed by both its supporters and detractors, and this is to such an extent that it has come to be associated with either the enhancement or detriment of academic achievement respectively. Evaluation studies are made use of as a means of summarizing the discussions between elementary and secondary education. This study is pertinent because it promotes the development of an understanding concerning the lack of impact of art education of the overall academic achievement of individuals in addition to attaining a higher academic level. It is therefore a pertinent study in filling in or providing information for the debate concerning art education and academic achievement. Park, S., Lee, J. M., Baik, Y., Kim, K., Yun, H. J., Kwon, H., ... & Kim, B. N. (2015). A preliminary study of the effects of an arts education program on executive function, behavior, and brain structure in a sample of nonclinical school-aged children. Journal of child neurology, 30(13), 1757-1766. – this study seeks to examine the effects of arts education on cognition, behavior, and the brain of children. It is one that has adopted a non-comparative research design, which can be considered to be a hindrance because this study cannot be compared to others. However, while this may be the case, it examines a sample of 29 non-clinical students that participate in a 15 week arts education program. The results show that the arts program can have a positive impact on the participants, especially when it comes to the enhancement of brain functions. Despite this result, however, the lack of comparisons with similar studies means that the results cannot be taken in absolute terms. This study is pertinent to the current study because it allows for a level lf doubt concerning results, showing the importance of expanding the scope to include comparisons with other studies. Todhunter-Reid, A. (2018). In-school arts education and academic achievement: A child fixed effects approach. Arts Education Policy Review, 1-8. - The major aim of this study is to estimate the within-child associations of in-school arts education and achievement in reading and mathematics. It seeks to make use of data from a diversity of sources including kindergarten, 1st-grade, 3rdgrade, and 5th-grade. This is a study that is extremely important because it shows the manner in which students are able to gain a lot from an art educational background. It also ensures that there is a basis upon which these individuals are encouraged to achieve more in their academics through the use of the in-school arts education. The connection between this study and the current study is quite significant because it involves the study of the connection between art education and the enhancement of child achievement in the school environment. Li, X., Kenzy, P., Underwood, L., & Severson, L. (2015). Dramatic impact of action research of arts-based teaching on at-risk students. Educational Action Research, 23(4), 567-580. – this is a study that explores how action research of arts-based teaching impacts at-risk students in three urban public schools in southern California. I...
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