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Effects of Professional Sport on Children (Essay Sample)


Effects of Professional Sport on Children


Effects of Professional Sport on Children
Effects of professional sport on children
Professional sporting is a highly prevalent phenomenon in the United States and other developed countries. In 2013, appropriately, 45 million children and adolescents in America participated in organized sport (Merkel, 2013). Organized games help nurture youth talent, equips children with positive life skills, enhances healthy living, and protects adolescents from harmful social behaviors.
When children engage in organized sport, they learn positive life skills such as time management and organizational skills. Therefore, they become better prepared to deal with various issues in life. For example, having good time management skills makes children likelier to succeed in their academics as they can utilize the time available optimally (Steiner, McQuivey, Pavelski, Pitts, & Kraemer, 2000).
When children engage in sports, their health improves as blood flow smoothens. Body exercise facilitates the burning of fats and eliminates blockages in blood vessels. With a bolstered flow of blood, nutrients, and oxygen reach all body organs better (Steiner et al., 2000). For instance, the brain gets an optimal supply of the nutrients and oxygen it requires to function optimally. As such, children who exercise are likelier to register improved academic performance than the physically inactive. Therefore, organized sport bolsters academic excellence 

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