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Guns In Schools. How To Achieve Safe Environment Education Essay (Essay Sample)


The task involved determining how safer schools can be realized despite the presence of guns in schools


Guns In Schools. How To Achieve Safe Environment
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Guns in Schools. How to Achieve Safe Environment
Lately, it is quickly becoming apparent that guns will be a significant constituent of the school environment across the country. Already, most learning institutions have, at the very least, one security officer armed with a gun inside the school premises. In the future, the number of armed personnel within school grounds may increase, more so if learning institutions choose to allow concealed weapons. While it is understandable that guns in schools are meant to bolster security, they may inadvertently cause safety concerns, which can be addressed in several ways.
Firstly, to promote safer schools, educational practitioners, as well as all other concerned parties in the educational setting, must actively combat bullying. According to Aefsky (2019), introducing guns in schools while the issue of bullying persists essentially creates an avenue for more unsafe schools. The practice of bullying, more so when it is sustained over a lengthy period, creates and proliferates desperation in the targeted students. Without appropriate intervention, a bullied student may become highly susceptible to violence, which may involve the use of guns. Consequently, educators should implement feasible anti-bullying initiatives to stem the likelihood of gun violence, thereby contributing to a safer school environment.

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